Thursday, September 21

The great week of series is coming to streaming: 3 novelties with which you will be right

This week is full of news on streaming platforms. On the one hand comes the expected end of Ozark and on the other, two premieres, one with those responsible for The Wire and another starring the great Elisabeth Moss.

New week, new releases. We start another week of April with great news that come to Apple TV+, Netflix and HBO Max. In this article we will focus on 3 of them that are based on a plot and some quite striking and intriguing protagonists.

On one hand we have the acclaimed Netflix series, Ozark, that this April 29th comes to an end. On the other hand, Elisabeth Moss, known for her award-winning role in The Handmaid’s Tale, presents us with her new production, in which she also stars, full of intrigue, how could it be otherwise.

Finally we have a new to HBO from the creators of the acclaimed The Wire, that will take us to the elite group of the Baltimore police and the investigation that they are going to undergo for a mysterious murder.

The Luminous (Apple TV+)

In early April, Apple TV + presented us with the trailer for the new series by Elisabeth Moss (star and producer). We are introduced to Kirby Mazrachi, a journalist who will suffer an attack. She will later find out that a recent murder is related to her own case and she will join the investigation process to find out who she was.

The series will premiere on Apple TV + next April 29 and counts among the cast with other actors such as Jamie Bell, Phillipa Soo, Chris Chalk and Amy Brenneman.

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The city is ours (HBO)

The long-awaited The city is ours will be available on HBO starting April 25. This story of police corruption that takes place in Baltimore, has three of those responsible for one of the best series, The Wire, behind it.

The plot will revolve around the death of Freddie Gray, in police custody in 2015 and all the investigation that the elite body of the Baltimore police will receive as a result. Abuses of authority, corruption, interrogations and weapons will be the main asset of this miniseries based on real events.

If you like series like Friends, The Sopranos or Game of Thrones, HBO Max has these and many more in its catalog.

Ozarks (Netflix)

Considered as one of the great surprises of the platform by many viewersdescribe it as dark, tense and at times harrowing, but it inevitably draws you into its story and characters.

This Netflix crime drama covers the theme of illegal money laundering. A Chicago money manager, Marty Byrde, is the executing hand of this whole process, under the direction of a Mexican drug cartel. It is loaded with tense and dramatic moments that will have you glued to the screen episode after episode.

Now he presents us with his final season. The second part of the fourth season of Ozark will air on Netflix on April 29, 2022.

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