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The growing market for Henna eyebrow tint

The growing market for Henna eyebrow tint

Eyebrow tinting has been a thriving business in the beauty industry and has been dominating the scene since 2012. Before that, there have been different styles over the period of history, of how women contour their Eyebrows. The obsession and fascination date back to the time of Cleopatra in Africa. Civilization would use charcoal paint to create a bold look around their eyebrows. The Greeks also used strong colors to accentuate their eyes.

With a wide selection of brow tint options, eyebrow tinting with henna Especially, it is picking up speed in terms of popularity and setting trends from the usual brow tinting standards.

Henna is a reddish-orange dye that is extracted from the ‘Lawsonia inermia’ plant (henna tree). It is a dye that has been used in various cultures around the world for its healing properties, as well as for decorating the body. Mixed into a paste, it has a coloring effect when applied to the skin. It is fully used to decorate the body, hair and nails in festive ceremonies such as birthdays and weddings. The dye is a symbol of bestowing good health and longevity in a marriage. Depending on the crops, the darker the stain of the dye on the body, the better.

The use of henna has been specifically common on the continent of Africa, the Middle East, India, and Pakistan for thousands of years.

Dyeing your eyebrows with henna

Unlike some of the other brow tinting procedures, henna is safe to use as it is derived from a plant. Before going to the salon, make sure your skin is completely clean so that the dye is absorbed properly. Oily skin is not a great candidate for henna application surface.

Henna turns into a powder that is mixed with water. Depending on the client’s needs in terms of color and depth of the tint, it is then applied to the eyebrow hair and allowed to soak into the skin underneath, for about 10-15 minutes. The powder comes in different shades and shades, so it is advisable to browse the portfolio of images of the room you are going to. You need to make sure that the desired shade is the one applied to your eyebrows.

Difference between henna brow color and regular brow tint

There is not much difference since both do not adhere permanently to the skin. However, the only slight difference is that regular brow tint lasts much less than Henna brow color. Brow Henna has a more defined texture, depth of hues and lasts up to six weeks. The regular brow, on the other hand, looks more natural and is apparently ideal for anyone due to its natural finish.

How long does the dye last?

After the treatment, the application of the henna lasts between 2 and 4 weeks. The longevity of the tint also depends on the nature of the individual’s skin and the type of ingredients found in the facial products that you use every day. Also, if you have oily skin, the tint is likely to fade faster than one with dry skin.

Using natural eyebrow hair with henna is recommended to be more effective than having no hair at all. The existing definition of the brows gives them a more natural look, rather than having no brows at all. Altering or reshaping the brow does not maintain the texture of the brow, thus making them look a bit weird.

Tips on how to keep the tint on the eyebrows after application

  1. Do not wash your hair shortly after application. The shampoo or conditioner could potentially decrease the Henna tint.
  2. Avoid exposing yourself to the sun soon after. The rays make the dye fade.
  3. Oil-based products fade the dye. Avoid its use.
  4. Don’t jump into a pool or go to a sauna. Wait until 24 hours have passed if you love doing any of these activities.
  5. Do not use any type of acne medication or face masks after application. Again, they can fade the henna from your eyebrows.
  6. Avoid sunbathing after the procedure.
  7. Lastly, avoid touching your eyebrows shortly after application.

What are the benefits?

  • If you have sensitive skin, the ideal is to dye your eyebrows with henna.
  • Eyebrows have a more uniform and fuller appearance due to Henna’s powerful staining ability.
  • The tint is not permanent, in case there is a change of mind about long-term application.
  • No other chemicals such as peroxide are used. Henna is totally natural.
  • Henna nourishes your brows, giving them a healthy glow.
  • The application is painless, effortless and without needles (unlike procedures like Microblading) they are used of any kind.
  • Henna also stains gray hair.
  • Promotes hair growth in areas that do not have eyebrow hair. After all, it has healing properties. Once your hair starts to grow out of the hairless patches, it’s easier to have a more defined look for your next salon session.
  • You don’t have to worry about grooming your eyebrows every day. They are ready now!

DIY Henna Eyebrow Tint Kits

Prices for henna procedures in any salon can range from $ 35 to $ 75. They are affordable, hence the growing popularity of applying Henna to the eyebrows.

On the other hand, with the increasing demand for henna brow tint, many women are choosing to buy DIY (Do it yourself) kits that they can use in the comfort of their own homes. This is not recommended as the expertise of an expert in brow contouring and application is required.

However, with enough practice and dedication, most people get the job done. The most attractive thing about henna is that the natural look attracts people to use it at home safely and effectively. In addition, they are also quite easy to use and with time, the visit to the salon is no longer necessary.

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