Wednesday, January 27

The Guardian’s opinion on Trump’s strategy: nullify the result, cheat democracy | United States politics

This week, Donald Trump undermine democracy in the United States supporting the claim that Democrat Joe Biden did not win the presidential election last November fairly. A peaceful handover of power in a democracy requires that losing candidates and their supporters admit defeat. But Trump has fabricated a controversy solely to maintain power and overturn a legitimate election.

American courts have repeated thrown off cases without Trump evidence. This hasn’t stopped the president accomplices in Congress. They, backed by Trump’s vice president, plan on Wednesday to challenge Biden’s victory to force a debate and votes in Congress. Some scholars point out that a historical precedent offers a thin, maybe fading, chance That the nightmare will continue Trump will not pass up the opportunity to re-litigate an election he lost.

For America’s sake, it must fail. The alternative is ultimately the collapse of political norms and civil strife. Trump, a classic demagogue, is signaling to his followers that, like him, they should refuse to respect the election result and reject Biden’s presidency. There is a well-founded fear that protests could break out, some of them armed. Trump could call in the national guard or send federal agents to deal with the demonstrations. This chaos, Trump no doubt hopes, will pave the way for an autocratic inauguration.

Trump is a sore loser who cannot bear to be defeated in a fair election. You should move on, but you don’t see any reason why you should give in. After all, Trump has not been punished for his transgressions against tradition, decency and the law. Instead, it has been rewarded. You think you can get away with just about anything. The republican party has the only one to blame for incubating trump ism, a parasitic ideology that threatens to take over the host.

Trump has opened the door to the argument of power rather than the power of argument in American electoral politics. With the help of social media, the president has polarized the electorate, building an online “against Republic”, in which anger and fear are motivating emotions. In this world, America is apparently being eaten by socialism and liberal values. Trump sells his chimerical struggle as necessary, even if he deceives democracy itself. This has allowed him to frame the ruin of a presidential election as just an extension of other anti-democratic Republican tactics, such as gerrymandering and voter suppression, to limit political opponents.

Politicians in America must give up the fantasy of a second Trump term. Challenge the integrity of the presidential election without evidence of wrongdoing threat the idea of ​​liberal democracy. It leaves America distracted with hoaxes when its real problems are painfully obvious. No one outside of Trump’s orbit believes Washington DC should host the rival inaugurations on January 20. Trump does not accept chaos to express his dissent. He is looking to bring down the system that defeated him.

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