Friday, November 26

The ‘Guerreras’ lose to Hungary and will play their place in the quarterfinals against Russia

Alicia Fernández shoots on goal against Hungary.

Alicia Fernández shoots on goal against Hungary.

The Spanish women’s handball team lost the opportunity to seal their ticket for the quarterfinals of the Tokyo Games and qualification will be played against Russia on the last day, after falling 29-25 against Hungary on Saturday

The defeat punished the lack of success in the launch of the Spanish team, which from the beginning of the game suffered the unspeakable to solve its attacks.

It is not that Spain could not move the ball fluently, in fact, those of Carlos Viver gave the ball an advantage to their pivots and wingers, but the lack of aim condemned them.

Sometimes due to errors due to own errors and others due to the good work of the goalkeeper Blanka Biro, who stopped three of the first four shots of the Spanish team, the truth is that Spain, after the first six minutes of play, only counted a goal in marker.

This was not wasted by Hungary, which, unlike the “Guerreras”, converted practically every one of their pitches, to acquire a more than disturbing income of four goals (5-1) that forced the Spanish coach to urgently request a time-out. .

The break was of little use to the “Guerreras”, who not only continued to increase the statistics of goalkeeper Biro, but also began to chain losses of the ball that further increased the disadvantage (7-2).

But if the Spanish team did not work in attack, the defense showed a good tone, despite the difficulties to contain the penetrations of the left back Petra Vamos, which kept hopes alive.

These possibilities of reaction increased exponentially thanks to the stops by Silvia Navarro, who sustained the Spanish team for many minutes with her interventions.

Clinging to the stops of the Valencian, the Spanish defense began to create more and more trouble for a Magyar team that was no longer as effective as at the beginning.

The defensive improvement allowed Spain to reduce its disadvantage in a score that was not more even at the break (14-11) due to the commitment of the “Guerreras” to persist in their throwing errors

But the Spanish team had found the way: defense, defense and more defense. And it was applied to this in the opening minutes of the second half, which allowed Carlos Viver’s men to reach just a goal (15-14) on the scoreboard.

However, every time Spain seemed in a position to finally equalize the score, the inopportune failure or the loss of the ball arrived.

These errors turned the ups and downs of the Spanish team on the scoreboard into a rubber that seemed to break definitively with the seven goals behind (23-16) with which it had eleven minutes after the restart.

But when all seemed lost, the irreducible character of the Spanish team emerged, that warrior gene that allowed Spain to reengage in the game thanks to its defense and the stops of Merche Castellanos, who replaced Navarro in the second half.

The reaction made it possible for Carlos Viver’s team to be just one goal away 24-23 with less than nine minutes to go.

However, it was not the day of Spain. As happened at the beginning of the game, he crashed again with goalkeeper Blanka Biro, who with three practically consecutive stops definitively condemned Viver’s team to defeat (29-25).

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