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The guide not to get lost in the trial of the year



It was the trial of the decade. Broadcast live on television and social networks, followed by millions of people in every corner of the world and starring two Hollywood stars in the most fragile moment of their lives personal. Each tear, each accusation and each dirty rag fed the viewers’ hunger for bait, who attended a show as cruel as it was disconcerting.

This Wednesday the ruling of this case was made public in which Johnny Depp denounced his ex-wife, Amber Heard, for defamation, after this accused him of domestic violence in an article in ‘The Washington Post’. The popular jury has positioned itself on the side of the protagonist of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, sentencing the actress to pay him 15 million dollars for “compensatory damages” and “punitive damages”considering that “he acted with malice”.

The actress pointed to him by assumptions physical and verbal abuse, by rape her with a bottle, grab her by the hair, hit her… Her accusations were denied by Depp, who for his part showed an audio in which she made fun of his complaint: «Tell the world: I am Johnny Depp, a man, and I am a victim of domestic violence. Tell him and see how many people believe you,” Heard laughed at her ex-husband when she thought no one was listening.

“You will never be able to look me in the eye again”

Heard claimed that Depp was “the love of her life,” but that morphed into “something else, which turned out to be horrible”. She stated this before the actor, a few meters from the stage where she declared, that he was wearing sunglasses to hide her gaze. “You will never be able to look me in the eye again,” Depp promised in a recording they showed in court; and he kept his word.

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He, for his part, assured that “the only person” he has abused is himself: “I have never hit a woman», he defended himself. Heard also hinted at the trial that he once pushed her model’s ex-girlfriend down the stairs. Kate Mossand the latter agreed to testify at the trial to deny it and defend Depp.

The actress, however, insisted on presenting herself as a victim of gender violence: «Nothing I did made him stop hitting me», «he was clearly crazy», «he kicked me in the back and I fell to the ground», “Sometimes I thought that he was not aware of how much damage he was doing to me”“We both said terrible things to each other. We yelled at each other. Unfortunately, when Johnny started hitting me, he just won », he explained to the popular jury, but they did not believe his version.

A trial followed by half the world

The trial has been followed both on television and on social networks, unintentionally becoming a ‘show’ that has allowed anyone to access each statement, generating a wave of debates around the case, so that everyone has formed their own opinion.

In TikTok, where the content on the trial is counted in millions, one of Depp’s lawyers, Camille Vásquez, has become especially famous due to her applauded interventions and her defense of the actor. Vasquez managed to demonstrate Heard’s various liesas well as point out different contradictions.

She also did not provide any other witnesses apart from some experts she paid and her own sister. “Her friends of hers don’t defend her, because she is a person who causes people to stay away from her,” Vasquez said. Nevertheless, Depp has managed to get several people who know the couple to defend himas well as a TMZ journalist and even employees of different companies who, for different reasons, had been witnesses to some issue mentioned during the trial, and who highlighted the innocence of the actor.

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15 million for “punitive damages”

Heard, who has expressed that feels “disappointed” with the sentence, will finally pay her 13 million, since Depp has been sentenced to pay her two million, since the jury has also considered that he defamed her on one occasion, although with less relevance. Nevertheless, the compensation is less than the estimated net worth of the actresswith which he will pay the fine with difficulty.

The “punitive damages”, for which Heard has been sentenced, are a civil sanction contemplated by Anglo-Saxon law with which one party compensates the other financially, imposing itself “with exemplary characterfor having incurred a bad faith behavior which is added to the actual compensation for the damage caused”, as explained in the Mapfre Foundation. Spanish justice does not contemplate this crime.

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