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The hacked accounts of the ‘streaming’ platforms are sold on the ‘dark web’ for about 11 euros on average

The rise of streaming content platforms has encouraged some cybercriminals to profit from the distribution of stolen accounts on the so-called ‘dark web’where they are sold at around 11 euros on average.

The ‘dark web’ is made up of un hidden set of web pages that can only be accessed through a specialized browser and which is used to keep internet activity private and anonymous. In this way, illegal activities can be committed without any type of body that regulates them.

With the change in consumption formats and the increase in streaming services, lyou cybercriminals they have seen the opportunity to benefit from the increasing number of users of these platforms.

These use the user credentials obtained through leaks, such as emails and passwords, to put the accounts up for sale through the ‘dark web’, where they reduce the original prices to attract more attention from other threat actors.

According to data presented by the cybersecurity company Atlas VPN, collected by Whizcase from January 2022 to January this year, personal accounts of popular services are sold on the ‘dark web’ at an average price of 11 euros at the current exchange rate.

The company has indicated that there are large differences between the sale price of some accounts and others, depending on the platform in question. In this way, he has stressed that the accounts that can be purchased at a lower price are those belonging to SoundCloud, whose average price is about 6 euros.

They are followed by Amazon Prime Video (9 euros), HBO Max (10 euros), Twitch and Hulu (11 euros both); Netflix and Spotify (12 euros). Hacked Disney+ accounts, on the other hand, can be purchased on the ‘dark web’ for around 14 euros.

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At the highest point of prices for accounts that have been accessed in an unauthorized way is the music and podcast platform Apple Music, which sells for an average price of around 15 euros.

Atlas VPN has commented that these stolen accounts not only contain the username, his last name, birth date either Contact informationbut also include the payment methods used for your monthly or annual payment.

The company has also insisted that a large part of the stolen accounts and information belong to leaked databases and that in many cases they are due to the imprudence of the owners of these accounts, who use the same passwords for various services.

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This can put your confidentiality at risk because, once the credentials of a web page account or a streaming service of this type have been leaked, you can access the rest of the profiles that include that name and password.

If there is a risk of being hacked, The company recommends the closing of the session of all users of said streaming content platformcontact the company’s support and block the payment cards previously introduced in the violated platform.

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