Wednesday, May 25

“The harsh reality of reporting from the China that expelled me”

John Sudworth en Xinjiang

John Sudworth was forced to leave China together with his family recently.

It was a reminder of the sad reality of reporting in China to the bottom.

As my family hurried to the airport, late and having hurriedly packed their bags at the last minute, the plainclothes police observed us outside our home, and then followed us to the airport and through the final check-in.

True to form to the end, China’s propaganda machine has been at full throttle, denying that I have faced any risks in China, while making those risks very clear.

“The Foreign Office says it does not know that Sudworth was under any threat,” the newspaper said. Global Times, controlled by the Communist Party, “except that he can be sued by people in Xinjiang for his defamatory reporting.”

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