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The harsh words of Mila Ximénez against her ex-husband, Manolo Santana

An image of Mila Ximénez.

An image of Mila Ximénez.

Manolo Santana could be going through a delicate state of health, as revealed by ‘Save me’. The program has received a testimony from an employee of the tennis club that Mila Ximénez’s ex-husband owns in Marbella and his words about the former tennis player are, to say the least, worrying.

And it is that, as this source has revealed – who has not wanted to show his face publicly – “It’s sad” to see Manolo, who is in a “sorry” situation. And is that according to this witness, the former athlete, who “can hardly speak or walk, you have to be feeding him.” Who runs the club is the son of Claudia, Santana’s third wife, whom he defines as “very bad.” “He has a very strong character and is screaming all day. It is thought that workers are hislaves, andnd he treats us very badly,” he assured.

Thus, and according to this employee, “Manolo is only sat in the sun so that he can look at the tracks and receive everyone who goes to the club.” A few words that warn about the state of health of the 82-year-old former tennis player, of whom much has been speculated with his last public appearances, in which he was seen with difficulties speaking and obvious mobility problems.

Mila Ximénez, who was married to Santana for three years and from whose relationship was born the greatest thing that the collaborator has, her daughter Alba, has not been surprised by this alarming information and, far from being moved by the health problems of her ex-husband, has been tougher than ever with him. “As a tennis player he has been the best, but as a person he has been and is abominable. He is the worst person I have ever met in my life“, has confessed very seriously.

“It shudders me to think that he is in a bad situation, but he is as he wants to be and where he wants to be. He decided long ago to have this life, this relationship, and separate himself from the people who love him,” said the collaborator, before stating that “Those children who have been parked are protected and cared for by Alba and me.”

Shortly after, Mila was surprised to reveal that “The day that Manolo is absent is not going to be any pain for me. I hope he dies before I do, because he is such a bastard that I still leave before, but I hope it is him. ”

“I have a relationship with Santana’s four children, they are my family. I speak with Alba’s brothers almost daily. Who has left the family has been him,” she concludharsherrsh and sincere than ever against her ex-husband.

Before these words, and the information about his worrying state of health, Manolo Santana was quick to react and the Mutua Madrid Open, a tennis tournament for which he is ambassador and honorary president, has sent a statement denying the information given by ‘Save me’: “Our honorary president has not experienced any change in his state of health. The management of the Mutua Madrid Open maintains constant communication with Manolo Santana on various issues related to the tournament, the last one being this afternoon. That Manolo Santana continues to actively carry out his work as honorary president of the Mutua Madrid Open, being the best possible ambassador and helping the tournament continue to grow year after year. ”

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