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The harshest confessions in Sharon Stone’s memoirs | People

The Beauty of Living Twice (The beauty of living twice) is the title of Sharon Stone’s memoirs that are making big headlines focused on lurid moments in her professional career and closely related to the situation that women in Hollywood have had to face for many years: sexual harassment, demands on her physique, wage discrimination … Although the new book by the leading actress of Basic Instinct It has not yet seen the light, if advances have been made that are discovering data about the life of the famous interpreter. The funny thing is that according to what has been published The New York Times, The play is a frank tale bathed in irony and humor, focusing particularly on his upbringing, his family, and his youth in modest Meadville, Pennsylvania, where he grew up.

In an interview she conducted in the US publication last February through video, the actress explained that the objective of her book was to narrate “a fairly normal life.” And Stone added: “I don’t think my life is exceptional, except that I ended up being a movie star. This book could have been written by many other people who grew up in a small town. ” The turning point to dare to look at herself and her life was the time she spent hospitalized in 2001 due to a stroke, when she was able to “speak and breathe again” on her own.

Among those memories, she reveals that both she and her sister Kelly were abused by their grandfather. A confession that she decided to make with her sister and that they also consulted with her mother, who at first did not react and later wrote her a letter explaining how disconcerting all this information was for her. Stone tells about this episode. “When I finished the book, I read it to my mother for three days. After I recorded an hour and a half of their conversation, I went through the whole book again and dedicated it to him. ” The book tells that when her grandfather died, when she was 14 years old, and while she was attending his funeral, she was finally able to breathe easy because she was certain that she would never be able to abuse them again.

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Actress Sharon Stone in one of the scenes from 'Basic Instinct'.
Actress Sharon Stone in one of the scenes from ‘Basic Instinct’.

Stone also recalls in these memoirs how the director of Basic instinct, Paul Verhoeven, He cheated on her to take off her panties in the mythical leg-crossing scene from the movie, assuring him that nothing would be seen and that it was a request for photography reasons, so that it did not cause strange light effects when recording. When the actress protested after viewing the film, the director accused her of lying and the relationship between them was damaged by the remains. Something that he had already revealed on previous occasions. She also denounces how a producer, whom she does not name, pressured her to have real sex with an actor to get more chemistry on camera.

Another of the episodes that has made headlines is that when Sharon Stone underwent surgery in 2001 to have a series of benign tumors removed, when she woke up from the operation, she found that she had “bigger breasts” than before. It did not take long to discover that they were not his imaginations, but that her new physical appearance responded to the fact that the surgeon who had intervened had made the decision to put implants without consulting him beforehand. The actress tells in The Times: “When the bandage was removed, I discovered that I had larger breasts than before, which according to the doctor were more consistent with the size of my hips. He had changed my body without my knowledge or consent … He thought that I would look better with bigger and ‘better’ breasts, he concludes.

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The actress affirms that she knows the risk that it means that people are going to know very personal aspects of her life, but she also says that if she is not the one who does it, it would be others who would invent it: “All my life as an adult I have seen people who have invented my life for me. Although I’ve had quite a few stomach problems while waiting for this book to arrive, I don’t want to get defensive. I want to be open and present because that is the purpose of my trip ”.

Sharon Stone affirms that traveling to some dark facets of her life has helped her to see that they are not so dramatic things either. And everyone who has had access to the book affirms that the actress has found a very ironic way of writing to face scenes that others would have traumatized. For example, he recounts a serious accident when he fell from a horse as a teenager that caused a severe injury to his neck, or how an uncle of his slipped and ended up frozen to death.

As the title of his book suggests, The beauty of living twice, her experience on the verge of death has ironed out any prejudice that the actress may have. “I had this whole white light experience on the operating table,” he says, “and you have to ask yourself some questions. I wanted to review my life and ask myself, why did you try hard without listening to yourself? What part of your listening device was fractured or broken so badly that it didn’t see where you were going? The book is the big questions. I’m not the person who says, ‘Excuse me, pass me the envelope, let’s open a corner.’ I’m the person who likes to pop the envelope. You have to stand in front of the rubble and look ”.

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