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The haze or how sand from the Sahara reaches all of Spain and the problems it could have for health

After the widespread rains and snow, the Aemet already warned, a strong haze from the Sahara would arrive on Tuesday, March 15, and it has. But to what extent can this harm our health?

The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) has issued a yellow weather alert for heavy rains for this Tuesday, March 15, in some areas of the province of Malaga.

The worst of all is that added to the situation of haze that we are going through in almost all of Spain, the appearance of mud is more than assuredcausing what is known as mud rain or blood rain, since widespread rains are expected.

Although the province of Malaga will be affected to a certain extent, the most affected area will be the east of the country, from Almería, through Murcia and Valencia, to the Balearic Islands.

However, other areas, such as the capital, have risen this morning with streets, vehicles, terraces… all covered in orange or reddish dust, which leaves images that seem taken from another planet.

From the direction of Public Health, taking into account the delicate situation, first of all, they explain that doors and windows must remain closed. In addition, they discourage people suffering from chronic respiratory disease from going outside.

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Outdoor masks, in this case, are more than advisablesince they prevent us from coming into direct contact with the dust in suspension, drying out our nostrils.

On the other hand, they indicate the need to drink plenty of fluids and avoid dry environments, as well as not performing severe physical exercise while the situation lasts.

Lastly, they point out that in this situation, visibility is considerably reduced and they add that in the event of driving on the road, it will be necessary to Exercise extreme caution by turning on your lights and slowing down.

The president of the Association of Spanish Geographers (AGE), Jorge Olcina, describes this “exceptional event”. Is about “An arrival of Saharan dust such as had not been recorded in Spain for decades”.

From the Aemet inform us that from Thursday the rains will begin to move east of the peninsula and will begin to affect other areas, and from then until Sunday only an isolated shower can be expected.

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