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The Health budget grows 11% without taking into account the lower investment in vaccines

A health worker administering a vaccine.

A health worker administering a vaccine.
H.Bilbao / EP

State budgets for the Ministry of Health by 2022 they suffer a decrease of almost 10%, going from 7,330 million in 2021 to 6,606 million next year. Although, this reduction is due to the fact that, with more than 87% of the target population vaccinated, the item for the purchase of vials is quantitatively lower. In fact, the European fund for the purchase goes from 2,436 million to 733. Although, the Government will compensate this reduction with 439 million, since it is not ruled out that a variant may appear that escapes the protection provided by authorized vaccines or that you have to supply a booster dose to a substantial part of the population. At this time, the third dose is approved for immunosuppressed people, in residences or for those over 70 years of age.

And without counting the purchase of vaccines, the resources allocated to health policy grow by 11%, to 5,434 million euros. This amount includes 175 million that will go to the Primary care, after the Government and the autonomies have promised to approve, before the end of the year, an action plan that “guarantees close, equitable and cohesive attention” throughout the national territory. And it is that the covid epidemic has shown that it is necessary to increase investment and recover the cuts made in health centers, which they have not given enough to attend to coronavirus patients, carry out the tracing and adequate follow-up of the rest of the patients.

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Mental health

The 2022 accounts also include the first 30 million destined for the Mental Health Strategy, of the 100 committed by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, recently. And it is that the epidemic and the economic crisis have left behind an increase in mental disorders such as depression, anxiety and suicide attempts, these especially among the young population.

The budget project also includes 70 million for the “modernization of health areas in the autonomous communities” and 30 million for the Health Cohesion Fund, which allows to attend pathologies complex regardless of the place of residence.

Oral health

Likewise, it includes 44 million for the expansion of oral health of the portfolio of services, which was one of the commitments of the coalition government agreement. The Executive details that the groups that will benefit from this investment are the child and youth population, pregnant women, the population over 75 years of age, people undergoing chemotherapy or radio treatment against cancer or people with a disability that prevents the correct self-care of teeth.

Finally, there is an endowment of 28 million for the implementation of the prompt therapy, a form of radiation treatment used to kill tumor cells. The PGE contemplate the start-up of 10 teams of proton radiation therapy in public centers throughout the national territory, which will provide coverage “to all patients in need of these treatments.”

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