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The health condition of Vicente Fernández is worrying: he could leave intensive care quickly

Vicente Fernández, known as ‘El Rey de la Música Ranchera’, sings during the inauguration of a life-size statue in his honor, in the Plaza de los Mariachis in Guadalajara, state. from Jalisco, Mexico.

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The relatives and acquaintances of Vicente Fernández are still waiting on the state of health of ‘The Charro of Huentitán‘. According to the official medical report of the doctors about the health status of the 81-year-old interpreter this Monday, It is stated that the Mexican singer could leave the intensive care unit, although he still depends on assistance to be able to breathe normally. Likewise, the doctors also assured that Vicente Fernández is stable and in some cases remains awake during the day.

Don Vicente Fernández remains stable, with periods of awakeness during the day. We continue with pulmonary rehabilitation and progression in ventilation withdrawal, his respiratory effort continues to be weak for which he requires support“Reads one of the paragraphs of the statement that Vicente Fernández’s family shared on all their social networks. “If his state of ‘stability’ continues and there are no eventualities, it is intended to leave intensive care and continue his room care“, Ends the excerpt.

It should be noted that this statement comes to light because the health status of Vicente Fernández was full of false speculations and misleading information during the last days, where many of these media claimed an “imminent death” of ‘The Charro of Huentitán‘. For this reason, both the family and the doctors released this statement to reach out to these media to not to speculate on the state of health of the Mexican singer in a malicious way, without having a certain and reliable source that is in contact with them.

In another vein, it was learned that due to the excessive use of machines to stop the respiratory deficit in Vicente Fernández’s lungs, they suffered from inflammation and, thanks to the fact that the doctors managed to act quickly, the organs were able to avoid a slight infection. Likewise, it was revealed that the pulmonary respiration of the Mexican idol continues to await a progression in ventilation withdrawal; although, revealed that he still requires support because his respiratory system remains low.


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