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The Hearing projects that each region will have courts specialized in abuse

Pilar de la Oliva and Juan Carlos Cerón, presidents of the Supreme Court and the Court.  |  PILAR CORTÉS

Pilar de la Oliva and Juan Carlos Cerón, presidents of the Supreme Court and the Court. | PILAR CORTÉS

Courts specialized in gender violence and reinforced in each region, instead of saturated bodies in each judicial district. This is the plan of the Alicante Court to optimize resources in the fight against sexist aggressions. For now the experience will start in Alicante and Benidorm qThey will assume the matters that are processed in San Vicente and La Vila Joiosa respectively.

While Alicante and Benidorm have specialized courts to deal with investigations of sexist violence, in the other two populations exclusivity does not exist and these complaints were combined with the processing of other matters. From evictions and divorces to alcohol and robberies. Situation that continues in the rest of the courts of small judicial districts throughout the province. In some, they even have to assume the functions of the Civil Registry, which further aggravates the overload.

Since the creation of the jurisdiction of Violence against Women, the situation of collapse in which the courts of small towns remained has been denounced by the judges. All matters were paralyzed to deal with complaints of sexist aggressions, which were considered urgent.

The objective of the plan is that the complaints are processed in specialized courts, quickly and not remain buried in the multitude of matters that are registered every day. “That they live where they live, the victims receive the same treatment”, explained yesterday the president of the Alicante Court, Juan Carlos Cerón.

The measure was exposed yesterday during the Provincial Commission for Coordination against Gender Violence of the Alicante Court, and in which judges, prosecutors, lawyers, Security Forces and Government Subdelegation are integrated.

Power of attorney

For its implementation it is necessary to modify the judicial plant in the province of Alicante and therefore the authorization of both the General Council of the Judicial Power and the Ministry of Justice. The province of Alicante is divided into nine regions and has a total of thirteen judicial districts. The measure is intended to create courts with sufficient resources to serve various populations. Cerón assured this newspaper that measures would be studied to facilitate the displacement of the victims from their place of origin to the court when they have to go to testify, as well as coordination with the Security Forces for the transfer of both detainees and reports. .

The ultimate goal is to ensure that all courts are exclusive to address sexist violence. A specialization that will culminate this year with the launch of two new criminal courts in Alicante for the holding of trials. These two judicial bodies will have a provincial character and will assume the trials of the entire province, just as the Court is already doing with matters that are within its competence. The First Section assumed the powers to prosecute gender violence since these courts were created.

The Department of Justice has already formally requested the central government to create these new judicial units and everything indicates that they will be launched throughout 2021, although there is no specific date yet.

In yesterday’s meeting, the Bar Association asked yesterday to improve coordination so that the victim could receive legal assistance before filing the complaint. “Sometimes they will report a specific event. While they are declaring, other events that may be criminal are emerging and that many times remain without being able to be investigated properly, “explained Cerón. Something that is intended to be avoided with correct legal advice before the facts are made known to the Justice.

Few telematic control bracelets in the province

The scant implementation of telematic control bracelets in the province of Alicante was one of the issues raised by the Civil Guard at the meeting of the coordination commission for coordination against sexist violence. Few bracelets for the volume of cases. La Benemérita has 64 bracelets in the province, compared to 155 in Valencia and another 51 in Castellón. The courts of this province have shown their suspicions of these devices due to the problems they pose. The president of the Audiencia promised to study measures to improve its effectiveness.

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