Friday, January 22

The high price of polarization

Friday, 8 January 2021 – 01:34

It is so stupid to relativize what happened in the US on 6-E as to ignore the pertinent comparisons with other populist processes


The grim spectacle starring the world’s first democracy offers valuable lessons. Today citizens who enjoy a system of liberties born to imitate the Americanmanyy value what they have more, because they know they could lose it. Today the old liberal truth is more evident: democracy is not an irreversible conquest. And the price of freedom, as Thomas Jefferson said, is eternal vigilance. The end of Trump ism has been consistent with its birth and its

development. A project of persona list power built on the media leadership of amanynipulator who connects with the viscera of the people and never with their brains, fueling social resentment and exploiting the lie through digital echo cameras that backbone the friend-enemy dialectic: nativism against immigration, below and above, people against elite.

The monotonous mechanism of populism, not because it is repetitive, is less effective, exportable to any latitude

simply by adapting the narrative and its protagonists to the structural peculiarities of each country or region. That is why it is so stupid to relativize what happened in the United States on January 6 – the assault, induced by an outgoing president, on the headquarters of the national sovereign to prevent the alternation of power decided at the polls – as to ignore the pertinent comparisons with other populist processes.

Such comparisons can only be odious to those minds seduced precisely by one or another populist modality.

As if by changing the revolutionary subject his revolution ceased to be equally illicit; as if a certain ideology enjoyed the metaphysical right to have its institutional attacks considered patriotic or guerrilla pike. Liberal democracy is perfectible, but it forever cancels revolutionary legitimacy and replaces it with the rule of law. There is no more. Joe Biden called the events of the Capitol a sedition, and in Spain that word cannot surprise us. At least since the Supreme Court ruling that condemned the coup plotters of October 1, 2017. A coup d’eatt is the attempt to violate the constitutional framework by means not contemplated in the Constitution, and

It does notmanytter if their promoters argue that the Democratic Party has stolen their elections or that Spain has stolen their wealth

. Nor is it acceptable for thescratchess to be defended as syrup from those below until their defenders reach their place in the caste, at which point they begin to complain of suffering. Or that they want us to forget their calls to surround parliaments by losing the elections. Cause between indignation and embarrassment that the very ones who encouraged the 1-O or cackled the do not represent us tear their clothes before the barbaric onslaught of theTrumpetss:

they were accomplices of the same barbarism

, of the same principle of institutional delegitimization regardless of the success or virulence of their attempts. It is expected that American democracy, under Biden and after purging all responsibility, will overcome 6-E. Andmanyy a warning rise from the smoking ashes of Trump ism:

This is the fruit of power obtained at the price of polarization.

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