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The hiking routes of the Diputación de Badajoz reach 12 towns in their second edition

Presentation of the second edition of the program ‘Camina Badajoz’. / TODAY

It begins on March 13 in Usagre and ends on December 11 in Llera

The second edition of the circuit of hiking routes of the Diputación, called ‘Camina Badajoz’, starts on March 13 in Usagre, traveling on different dates of the year to other 11 towns in the province.

After the success of participation in the first circuit, this new edition is the result, according to Ricardo Cabezas, first vice president of the Provincial Council, “of the competent people who make it feasible with their work.”

So, adds Cabezas, “we renew the enthusiasm and conviction with which we promote a program that encourages the exercise of a sport practice suitable for all ages and levels and that also contributes to discovering and appreciating, a little more still, the wealth environment and the scenic beauty of the province of Badajoz, as well as each of the towns that are a reference for the proposed routes».

With the collaboration of the municipalities that host the circuit, this edition starts “with great enthusiasm after the precedent of last year due to the strict protocol required due to health regulations,” says Purificación Domínguez, coordinator of the circuit.

The towns through which the routes run are monumental spaces, even nocturnal, with spaces of great natural beauty. The routes are designed for all ages, from the 50 kilometers set in La Zarza to the 12 and 16 kilometers in the rest of the towns, with an estimated time of between 90 minutes and 12 hours.

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One of the mayors, that of the town of Usagre, Nuria Candalija, defends the opportunity offered by this program to publicize and value the customs and traditions of the municipality. In fact, and under the heading ‘Ruta de los hortelanos’, they seek to publicize the orchards cultivated in their municipal district, “which is why we dedicate this event in honor of those who live and work these lands.”

Ricardo Cabezas adds that the planned routes “will be developed with the collaboration of the respective city councils and the associative fabric related to sport, as the case may be.” In turn, he defends that “it is a good way to involve everyone in carrying out this project and ensure that its success is a shared success.”


The dates and locations will be as follows: March 13, Usagre; March 27, Calamonte; April 9, Head the Cow; April 9, Herrera del Duque; May 1, Jerez de los Caballeros; June 4, Fuente del Arco; August 20, Trasierra; September 4, Alange; October 29, La Zarza; November 5, Merida; November 20, Salvaleón; and December 11, Llera.

Some of these routes will pass through ‘Las Cumbres’ in Cabeza la Vaca, ‘La pretura de la hoz de Benazaire’ in Herrera del Duque, the XIII Templar route in Jerez, a night route in Trasierra or the monumental route in Mérida.

Registrations can be made on the website of the Diputación or in the aforementioned town halls.

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