Wednesday, October 20

The Hispania of Mr. Marshall

NATO Summit in Brussels

NATO Summit in Brussels

The supporters and opponents of Pedro Sanchez about him very short walk that the president managed to give the other day in the company of the new head of the empire, Joe Biden. For some it is a sign that Sánchez speaks languages ​​even with a mask, unlike his predecessors in office. For the others it is simply a failed and somewhat painful attempt to show that the Spanish prime minister paints something on the international scene.

What no one seems to question is the desire to please the boss that underlies this desperate search for a selfie with the king of the world. In this it is known that the Spanish – whether conservative or progressive – have assumed the role of vicar and, so to speak, provincial of Spain in its relationship with North America.

Berlanga, whose anniversary is now celebrated, perfectly described this attitude in his “Welcome, Mr. Marshall.” It is still surprising today, more than sixty years after the filming of that film, that the crude censors of the Franco regime did not get the idea.

In reality, it does not matter who the Prime Minister is. If now it is the social democrat Sánchez who begs the gentleman for a photo for charity, before it was the conservative Aznar who posed, proud and with his feet on the table, at the meeting to which he had been invited by the then commander-in-chief, George Bush.

The treat was not free, of course. Bush treated his proconsul of Hispania with that rare deference in gratitude for his largely verbal support in the bizarre invasion of Iraq. Otherwise, Aznar would not be, of course, in the famous photo of the Azores with Bush and the British Blair.

“It is not personal; just business ”, used to say the gangsters recreated by Mario Puzo in The Godfather to clarify the character of your relationships. The same thing happens with international politics. It seems a bit absurd to think that friendship between nations depends on how well those who lead them get along personally.

Each ruler weighs on that scale what his country weighs in the economic, military and / or geostrategic order. Whether he is more or less brilliant or sympathetic is an accessory matter that hardly influences the course of foreign business, even if Roosevelt and Churchill – one supposing – do not admit without injury the comparison with Biden and Boris Johnson. We don’t even talk about Sánchez, who in the end does not train a Champions League country.

If anything, the fleeting walk of the Spanish president with the head of networks, technologies and aircraft carriers has brought out, once again, the devotion to Mr. Marshall that has been practiced here since the distant times of the Caudillo.

Being discussed if Biden treated Sanchez properly or if he just gave her a selfie, like any other fan. However, no one doubts the subordinate relationship that Spain maintains with the United States. The only question is whether or not the master appreciates the administrator of his overseas province.

There is no need to flog yourself either. Spain is a mid-level powerhouse that, like all its ranks, plays its part in the concert. With the Paseo de Sánchez we have put on something from Berlanga, yes. Maybe to celebrate the teacher’s centenary.

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