Monday, June 5

The HLA Alicante does not find the way

The Lucentum does not find the way and suffers its third consecutive loss that entrench the team in the lower part of the classification. Once again, the lack of regularity and intensity during the game against a much superior Granada condemns a team that does not meet the expectations created. The big game of Jacktas It was not enough to stop an outstanding rival who set the bar very high in defense. Despite the 28 points conceded in the first quarter, the HLA was always in the game despite their usual intermittence in their game, although always behind and with the feeling that it was not enough to surprise a Granada with many weapons. Bropleh scored triples when he was doing the most damage, Costa was again a spectacle and Niang unbalanced in the paint despite having a good Van Zegeren in front of him. The eighth defeat of the season leaves worrying sensations as well as the null contribution of Pitts.

HLA saved a critical situation before coming to rest with a Simmons in a state of grace. The team from Alicante reacted after a disappointing first quarter in which they conceded 28 points and when things got worse (24-36) Lucentum reacted with a 15-6 run to get back into the match conceding half in the second quarter of points than in the first with a more worthy defense.

García de Vitoria’s team disconnected with the score at 12-7, at which time Granada mercilessly riddled their rival with three-pointers to sign a resounding 0-12 that set off the HLA’s alarms. A Lucentum without ideas in attack and soft in defense did not react. Quite the opposite of a rival who felt more and more comfortable with an always successful Costa. With 20-28, a first black quarter ended for Lucentum at the Pedro Ferrándiz.

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The picture remained the same at the start of the second quarter and even worse with a Llompart deranged that ended with a technique. But Granada’s 12-point advantage did not sink a Lucentum that woke up thanks to an inspired Simmons, vital in the Alicante attack. The HLA was finding its game taking advantage of the jam of his rival to get closer on the scoreboard. Even the local team could have equalized the score at halftime but Pilepic’s triple did not enter. Simmons supported Lucentum alongside an effective Jacktas in a first half marked by Granada’s defensive intensity.

The meeting resumed in the worst possible way: a triple from the Andalusian team and a unsportsmanlike to Simmons for a partial of 0-5 (39-45). Van Zegeren was the great weapon of Lucentum to face Granada, but the Andalusian defense did not allow to see the light in any way. The exchange of baskets was a constant for several minutes. The HLA needed to cut their opponent’s score but it was an impossible task. What was gained in attack was lost in defense, a classic throughout the season, and Granada took another dangerous lead (49-59) that forced the coach from Lugo to stop the game. It was not easy to fight against a rival who scored everything he threw and when it seemed that the reaction of the HLA was coming, a triple of Bropleh feel like a bucket of cold water. But the fight continued and the third quarter did not end badly (61-68). Back inside the party fighting not to fall definitively.

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Pilepic brought back the esperanza with a triple and put the HLA just four points (64-68). Cabral’s intensity was key in the reaction and Granada asked for a timeout with the score at 66-68 after two and a half minutes without scoring. Again a heart attack ending was chewed. The Andalusian team finds in Niang their best weapon under the hoop and with five minutes left, the Lucentinos had a five-point disadvantage. The difficulty was maximum with Granada’s impressive defense and once again another three-pointer from Bropleh left the game on the brink of a precipice. An unsportsmanlike against Granada with 40 seconds left returns the chances again (76-79), but the HLA does not take advantage of the possession and the Andalusian team closed the victory without having to suffer in the final moments. The great game of Jacktas had no prize and the Alicante suffer their third loss in a row. top concern.

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