Sunday, October 2

The HLA exhibits talent and order

El HLA firma su fifth win in the last six games before Cáceres, the rival with whom he debuted in the ACB 21 years ago. The people from Alicante display offensive talent, defensive intensity and attitude in a match that was quickly over sentenced Against a team that found no weapons to stop a high-carat Lucentum. García de Vitoria’s team was again led by a great version of Llompart as well as by Van Zegeren, impossible to stop under the rim. It was a placid match for the Alicante people, without suffering, enjoying and walking on the right track after a turbulent start to the season. The HLA finds its best version and now it is a matter of maintaining that regularity to continue climbing the ranking. Excellent duel starring the Alicante team from start to finish without doubts at any time. The Lucentum continues to grow and it is already one of the most fit teams in the competition as it struggles to consolidate itself in the “play off” zone.

The HLAAlicante came out well from the start of the game against Cáceres that was diluted with the passing of the minutes. The Lucentians, commanded by a great Llompart, showed their multiple weapons in a first room of alternatives that Simmons was in charge of unbalancing with good deeds. The American was always a threat to a rival who could not find the formula to stop a Lucentum that caused damage in various ways. The rival only resisted with a partial of 1-6 that put the Extremaduran team ahead, but from that moment the dominance became entirely of the HLA to reach the end of the first quarter with a clear 23-16.

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The attack by García de Vitoria’s team was demolition Man in the second quarter with Simmons and Llompart as the most lethal weapons of a Lucentum that the league break suited him very well. Pitts returned to show signs of life and the home advantage was expanding by moments. Only the exlucentino Davin Schmidt disturbed at times to his rival, but the superiority of the total HLA in a great second quarter that Simmons finished off with a triple on the horn to reach the break with a 16-point advantage and unbeatable sensations. Llompart’s numbers summed up what was seen on the Pedro Ferrándiz floor: 7 points, 4 assists, 4 rebounds and 1 steal for a PIR of 16.

The set remained the same after the break and the advantage continued to grow to 20 points (53-33). The Lucentum was a roller for his rival in minutes of great intensity that sentenced the game in the first minutes of the third quarter. Good basketball for the Alicante team in the third quarter against Cáceres who continually collided with the HLA defense. With a resounding 72-45 he ended the third quarter at Pedro Ferrándiz.

The last set unhinged Cáceres with the disqualifications his coach and Mbala for their airy protests despite the game being sentenced. Minutes marked by techniques and tension in the rival. Both teams were begging for a long-overdue match to end. The intensity dropped in the last minutes of the fourth quarter, although they were moments for the brilliance of Guillem Arcos and for the growth of a Walter Junior Cabral who always makes the most of his minutes to perfection. All Lucentum players scored in the match. Despite the bulky victory, there is still room for improvement for this team, which has left behind the poor results with which the season started.

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A victory like the one achieved against Cáceres reinforces the HLA’s confidence for the next matches. The immediate one is next Friday on the Valladolid track. The people from Alicante will attend with the absence of Noguerol, who will miss several weeks of competition due to injury. Good feelings for the best Lucentum of the season with a performance from less to more.

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