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The home help service is restored in Plasencia with 350 users

Flor Conejero, Councilor for Social Affairs. / TODAY

More than fifty attendees joined their position last week after two months with the service paralyzed

Plasencia City Council has restored the home help system after a two-month hiatus. Last week, a total of 54 full-time assistants joined their positions, supporting a service that covers 350 users.

Flor Conejero, the Councilor for Social Services, added that there are still 4 or 5 people to join the position, so she expects it to reach 400 Placentinos in the coming days. Their work ranges from help with mobility and displacement to feeding and hygiene of users, among other daily activities.

The beneficiaries of this system are dependent people with acute processes that affect both their mobility and their autonomy. Some of them, due to the chronicity of their ailments, would not be included in the initial assumptions contemplated by this service, but the consistory chose to include them as well.

In the next few days, four more workers will join the service, which will serve 400 Plasencians

The City Council reiterates that the delay in the start-up is due to the deadlines of the Employment Plan

As for the list of substitutes, the mayor explained that this year there are enough people to cover casualties that may occur during the duration of the contracts.

These contracts are for one year and work is full-time.

Block in Summer

This service has been paralyzed for the last two months, an issue that is repeated every year and that is a serious problem for users.

From the PSOE they demanded that the consistory, given the importance of home help, help be restored as soon as possible, covering the necessary places to continue serving them.

“Almost two months in which people who have the vital need to depend on someone to help them are totally neglected,” they said, describing the situation as “deplorable and unacceptable at all points,” they expressed from this political group.

Complaints from opposition parties and citizen platforms are repeated every year, but the situation does not improve and there are no forecasts, for the moment, that it will.

Conejero explained that this is an “improper” service that the council has no obligation to offer but that it assumes each year through the Employment Plan. “Employment Plans do not overlap and until some workers finish, others cannot start.”

According to Conejero, this year the break was extended because “all the assistants took their vacations during the month of July. These days are yours, they are part of your contract and you have to respect them. To start the new selection process, which entails the public announcement, the preparation of an exam, the score and the relevant claim period, it was necessary to conclude with the previous one and, in turn, this time included the vacations of the workers.

In total, they have been about two months with the service paralyzed, even more than other years. Due to the characteristics of the users, this period is a real problem for those affected. and their families, who must find different ways to cope with the return from service.

«It is a regional competition, therefore this service cannot be included in the RPT since it is an improper competition. As long as the Junta de Extremadura does not directly assume this competence, the municipalities can only do it through Employment Plans »they declared from the city council.

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