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The Hospital of Elche puts beds in the chapel and that of Orihuela converts operating rooms into ICU

The chapel of the Hospital of Elche

The chapel of the Hospital of Elche

As expected, the situation in the hospitals in the province keeps getting worse, beds are becoming scarce and health officials have to find solutions to accommodate the largest number of infected, without neglecting the rest of non-covid patients. In this way, the General Hospital of Elche, with more than 110 patients admitted to three floors (third, fourth and fifth) and another 14 in ICU, began on Thursday avaciar de benches the chapel, which is located in the first, in anticipation of having to use it with beds (as seen in the image provided yesterday by the unions).

This health center already had last week to reconvert the Rehabilitation gym in a makeshift hospital plant and attend to patients who need this service in other parts of the building. This decision has had the support of those responsible for the unit who have assumed the new reality derived from the pandemic. The other hospital in the city of Elche, the Vinalopó, has an apparent better situation, with 61 admitted, 49 in the ward and another 12 in the ICU.

Orihuela Hospital operating room

Vega Baja

For its part, in the Hospital Vega Baja is very complicated. Admissions have skyrocketed in recent days, which has forced the hospital center to enable a third wing to accommodate coronavirus patients, This is in addition to the two that have been welcoming patients with covid for weeks. These are the three plants included in the contingency plan that the center was forced to implement due to the rebound in cases in the second wave of the pandemic.

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There are 88 people admitted with Covid-19 in the regional hospital, 17 of them in the Intensive Care Unit and 71 in the plant. According to health sources, the Hospital is preparing a fourth area in case it were necessary in the event that revenues were to increase during the weekend. In addition, the center has enabled new spaces in which to house critical patients. Two operating rooms have been converted into ICUs, as well as resuscitation areas. Of the 17 patients who remain under surveillance in the ICU of the hospital center, two have been referred to one of the operating rooms, the one enabled for serious patients with coronavirus. In the other operating room are those admitted to the ICU with other pathologies, which are currently four. Within the contingency plan implemented by the Hospital is the suspension of all non-urgent operations, which allows the use of some operating rooms to be occupied by new admissions.


At the other end of the province, Hospital Virgen de los Lirios de Alcoy will enable throughout the weekend a new plant for coronavirus patients, the third, after the other two have been almost completely filled. The situation has worsened very significantly in recent days, to the point that yesterday there were 78 admitted with coronavirus, when on Thursday the number of patients was 65, while the total number of beds enabled for these patients was 82. The Hospital has now arranged an entire floor more to face the health crisis, with capacity for 40 more patients. Alcoy is confined and so is Castalla, who belongs to the same department, reports Antonio Teruel.

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Torrevieja, with 50 incomes, the center of the province in a better situation

He Torrevieja University Hospital has exceeded fifty admitted by covid, although it continues to be the health department with the best situation in the province. During the first hour of the pandemic, he assumed 80 patients and 18 in the ICU, so at the moment it is far from these figures.

The trickle of new admissions is constant since Monday, December 21, but the center assures that it still has room to have more beds for ICUs and even ensures that, in the case of Torrevieja, it will not suspend the programming of interventions as requested by the Ministry of Health to the hospitals on the 5th.

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