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The hotel industry and nightlife ensure great forecasts at the Zafra Livestock Fair

Public in the booths of the Zafra Livestock Fair this Friday. / TODAY

The booths reopen after two years, reinforcing templates in the face of the large influx of public that is expected and with some prices 20% more expensive

After two years without opening and without being able to offer food and drinks due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the nearly 40 booths at the Zafra Fairgrounds are back in operation during the days of the 2022 International Livestock Fair.

The hospitality sector is satisfied and excited to be working at full capacity again and they assure great forecasts for this year, since they already noticed a lot of movement during the preference, where some booths have begun to provide service.

“We have been opening a couple of weeks before for stallholders and ranchers who were arriving and there has been a lot of movement since the first day,” says Carlos León, responsible for three booths at the fair.

Given these good forecasts, they expected the largest influx of public during the weekend, a fact that has led some stands to have had to reinforce their staff and make new hires. «We had to include more people than the account because it was not enough. We have three people attending the bar, three cooks, a ham cutter and four waiters”, describes Loreta Gabacho, responsible for another of the stands, adding that “it is the first fair we do and we hope it will not be the last”.

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However, the prices of some booths have experienced a price increase of between 15% and 20%. “We have had to increase the price of some things, but people, at the moment, are not reluctant to do so,” says Mario, responsible for another of the stands. Others continue to maintain the prices of previous years: “We continue with the usual popular prices for everyone,” says Carlos León. But some have even applied a drop when it comes to being more competent. “We understand that there is a crisis and we have made an effort to lower prices. For example, we have a plate of sliced ​​acorn-fed ham that costs 12 euros, in other places you can find it for 16 euros”, explains Loreta Gabacho.

On the other hand, from the nightlife sector they also had excellent forecasts. With a total of eight booths-nightclubs distributed throughout the Fairgrounds, there is no lack of desire and enthusiasm to offer a space for fun and celebration for all the public that comes.

“It is a joy to see people enjoying themselves, going out, having a good time and seeing the good atmosphere that prevails after what we have experienced,” says Álex Bernal, head of one of the clubs, who also adds that the best days of the fair where the greatest influx of public was expected are «Friday, Saturday and Monday». In his opinion, these are complicated days, where a large number of young people are concentrated and there are many incidents, “but we have our own security team plus the facility’s device, we are calm.”

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However, these facilities do not escape the rise in prices either. “Everything has gone up by about 25%, but we try not to go overboard and hold on so we can offer people a good drink service,” explains Nazael Fernández, manager of the eighties nightclub.

Both sectors hope to experience an increase in this fair and to be able to close a good year, recovering all the inactivity they had during the pandemic.

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