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The hoteliers assure that the new measures lead them to closure

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The leisure and hospitality sector of the province could not repress his “Outrage” at the new restrictions imposed by the Generalitat to try reduce the spread of covid. The reflection was unanimous among the representatives of the catering, hotel and leisure companies: “They bring us to closure.” Some measures that go through the closure of the hotel busThus,s from five in the afternoon, the total ban on smoking – until now it was allowed if a minimum distance was kept – and the reduction to four of the limit of people per table. In this sense, César Anca, president of the Alicante Restaurant Association, an entity that brings together numerous restaurateurs in the province, said: This is once again choking us a little more. And criminalize us. It makes no sense that the cuts come from leisure and restaurants while the large shopping centers are bursting with people and there is not a single capacity control. They will be able to open until eight in the afternoon. Nobody is going to be controlling those gauges that they say. It is a real shame. Anca assures that with the new limitations, which are added to previous ones, “it is not possible to survive, also without any kind of help.” Because, remember, “we are still waiting for Ximo Puig to launch this package of aid for the hospitality industry. At the moment they are all pretty words. Also the president of the Provincial Association of Hoteliers, Mar ValeraHe used irony and resignation: «Luckily they let us work on Three Kings Day. The next will be to shut down completely. Itchaos, and and we are always paying the same duck ».

In Benidorm, the presidenCorrectbreca and vice presidenAreabreca, Pablo González, indicated that Puig «He has put the rope around our necks in the hotel busThus,s. Thus he pointed out that “it only lets us check in until 5:00 pm when the costs of electricity, water, among others continue to add up to the rest of the day.” González was blunt: “They are killing us”. And even more so in Benidorm where “we are already in bad shape, without tourism and with billings that have fallen by 80% in November and December.”

In addition, the Assembly of the Leisure Camping of the Valencian Community issued a joint statement in which they demanded the “immediate activation” of a plan of direct economic aid to the SMEs most affected by the restrictive measures, “without excuses and without further ado delay”. He has also called an urgent meeting in which he anticipates “a protest plan” with the main objective of “forcing the necessary and obligatory bailout». The hoteliers accuse the autonomous administration of having maintained “ten months of permanent improvisation without trying to enter into any ideological or partisan debate.” In this sense, leisure and hospitality SMEs add: “we are obliged to denounce the incompetence and inability to lead and control the management of the coronavirus crisis.” In the opinion of the sector “in view of the hope for the arrival of vaccThus,, which should be an illusion, we find that the health system is not even capable of giving people vaccThus,”; while restrictive measures “contradictory” that try to put the focus of contagion in the activity in both sectors follow one another. For hoteliers «It is good to continue accumulating restrictions without simultaneously proposing an aid plan direct economic activities that avoid the virtual disappearance of leisure, hotel and tourism activities in the Community, to which the terrible political management has been leading us since the pandemic began ». They emphasize that, taking into account that the injection of 140,000 million euros from the European Union to the Spanish State has already begun, in their opinion, “there are no excuses that are worth to implement a plan to the Valencian, with stamp and signature of the Consell.

Small busThus,s at 30%

For its part, Confederation of BusThus,smen of Commerce, Services and Self-Employed of the Region, indicated that “we agree that the proliferation of infections must be stopped, although small busThus,ses are a sector that strictly complies with all security measures and that throughout this crisis is proving to be an absolutely safe format, guaranteeing full compliance with all protocols transferred, “said Rafael Torres. The employers’ association points out that the Government must be consistent and «must take into account what are the characteristics, size and conditions of the spaces, being in the case of local commerce a guarantee of safe space, in which therefore no There should be a greater capacity restriction ”, which has remained at 30%.

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