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The hoteliers demand that they not be “criminalized” because they are not a “source of contagion”

Terraces «at half gas» in Castaños de Alicante street.  |  ALEX DOMÍNGUEZ

Terraces «at half gas» in Castaños de Alicante street. | ALEX DOMÍNGUEZ

«Stop criminalizing us, It is proven that restaurants are not a source of contagion. They have caught us as a scapegoat when infections in the hospitality industry are the 1,9%. The problem is uncontrolled leisure in private homes, in bars and restaurants, the measures are met and they are safe spaces. This is the appeal of the Alicante hospitality sector to the Ministry of Health and to the Consell in general. Both the Alicante Restaurant Association (ARA) and the Provincial Association of Hospitality Entrepreneurs (APEHA) coincide.

After knowing that the conselleria was counting as social outbreaks those produced within hospitalss, which should be considered as labor, businessmen insist that they not be criminalized.

“They should distinguish between what are the rooms where health personnel meet to eat or have a coffee with the hospital cafeteria where people from the street also enter. In the first case, it is clearly a labor outbreak ”, explain both César Anca, president of ARA, and Miguel García Navarro, vice president of APEHA.

The concern in the sector is palpable in the face of the next Christmas holidays. They were confident that with the latest restrictive measures taken by the Consell and that will last until December 9, such as the reduction of hours and the perimeter closure, at Christmas the health situation would have improved enough to soften the measures. But after the words of the Minister Ana Barceló in which she advanced that new restrictions for parties would be studied in order to avoid the lack of control of cases due to family and friends gatherings and that President Ximo Puig confirmed yesterday, the hoteliers show their concern.

«We already work with a third of the capacity and without bars, I don’t even want to think of another turn of the screw. It would be death for many of us because We no longer have a mattress, he left with the first confinement. I prefer to be optimistic and think that from the 9th the measures will not be more restrictive even for the hospitality industry, ”says García Navarro.

Along the same lines, César Anca goes further and thinks that the Consell is very “delusional” if they believe that people are not going to meet at Christmas. “It would be better for them to do it in a restaurant, where everything is controlled, than in flats and chalets where no action is taken. If they want us to close, let them say so, but provide us with aid, because we cannot bear more restrictions than the current ones, ”he concluded.

Steps to have a provincial base port when the cruise ships return

The Alicante City Council works so that the province has a base port in the capital once the veto on cruises imposed by the Government is lifted due to the pandemic. The Councilor for Tourism and Deputy Mayor, Mari Carmen Sánchez, said yesterday that Alicante is ready to achieve its goal of being a provincial cruise base port. This was what he said during the inauguration of the III Conference of the Association for Cruise Tourism. “Now more than ever is when we all need to row and work in the same direction to continue in the effort to be a base port”, provincial in nature, before the large number of cruise passengers who choose to also know other destinations in the geography of Alicante when they disembark in the Port of Alicante. Sánchez explained that “the forecasts we had for this 2020 were many and very good but, unfortunately, they have had to stay in a drawer due to the Government’s veto on cruises due to covid. But Alicante is ready, “he insisted. He also cited the various aids from his department to promote tourism projects affected by the pandemic, which will be expanded in 2021.

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