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The hoteliers of Cáceres will have to remove their terraces one hour before the processions pass

Terrace of the Plaza Mayor removed to the passage of the procession of the Holy Supper. / today

Holy Week Caceres

The City Council has begun this week to distribute a dossier with the detailed information among the affected establishments and the Local Police will remind the owners two hours before the arrival of the parade that they must remove the nightstands

Maria Jose Torrejon

The hoteliers whose terraces are within the itineraries of the 24 processions of Holy Week in Cáceres will have to remove them one hour before the parade passes through their establishment. This is marked by the security protocol established within the special device for Holy Week, which was addressed this Tuesday during the celebration of the local security board. In addition, the Local and National Police will reinforce their troops during these dates.

The mayor, Luis Salaya, explained that since this Monday the hospitality businesses affected by these restrictions are receiving a dossier detailing which processions are those that pass near the premises and when they should, therefore, remove the nightstands. Subsequently, the mayor has indicated, the Local Police will visit these hoteliers to give them the information personally. And the same day of the procession, two hours before the parade passes through the door of the hotel business, the Police will remind them that they must remove the terraces. Ultimately, and if the regulations are breached, the establishment will be sanctioned.

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Salaya has detailed that the reason for removing the terrace an hour in advance is due to the fact that with this measure they want to avoid noise caused by the dismantling of the nightstands as the procession passes. “The hoteliers always want to disassemble more to the limit, but we are not going to risk that during the passage of a procession we are listening to the noise of the disassembly,” he said.

security protocol

On the other hand, the City Council of Cáceres will reinforce the presence of the Local Police during Holy Week and Womad, and although citizens will continue to be required to comply with health measures, police work will once again focus on security threats and in the irrigation of the agglomerations, in addition to monitoring the terraces, according to the Consistory.

Holy Week in Cáceres will have good numbers of tourists despite the delay in reservations

Specifically, as reported by Salaya, “there will be 20 agents on the morning shift and 12 on the afternoon shift, and also 12 on the night shift throughout Holy Week, which will mean incorporating a reinforcement of 41 agents and a total of 392 shifts. And during the Womad there will be 30 troops a day with a total of 252 shifts ».

To this deployment will be added that of the National Police, which has been announced by the Government’s sub-delegate in Cáceres, José Antonio García. During Holy Week there will be 120 troops available, 80 for the Womad (with the participation of the Police Intervention Unit and with the response operational group) and between 12 and 15 for the descent of the Virgin and as many for the festival of Saint George .

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