Wednesday, March 29

The hoteliers of Plasencia will have to remove the terraces to make way for the processions

Purple triangles already decorate shops and homes in the city. / ANDY SOLE

The police cars will close the center during the parades in the year in which the declaration of a holiday of national interest is sought

Plasencia is preparing to celebrate a special Holy Week that manages to be declared a festival of national tourist interest. In search of citizen involvement, the Union of Brotherhoods has distributed 15,000 purple triangles, which already decorate a good part of shops and homes, and in favor of citizen security, the Local Police has also prepared an exhaustive device. Everything so that the processions shine at their maximum splendor and locals and foreigners enjoy a religious and tourist celebration.

For that, the Councilor for the Interior, David Dóniga, and the Mayor of the Local Police, Enrique Cenalmor, have detailed this morning that all of the 56 agents that make up the staff “will work from Sunday to Sunday, without days off or vacations” to guarantee staff in the morning, afternoon and night shifts. In addition, the police cars will close the center during the celebration of the processions, located in Talavera, Sol, Rey, Zapatería and Trujillo streets; Surveillance on foot will be intensified, especially in areas where there are crowds, and the hoteliers must in some cases remove tables and chairs from their terraces and in others “set them back to guarantee the passage without difficulty of the processions every afternoon from 6:30 p.m. », in the words of David Dóniga.

This is the case, especially, of the terrace located in the Plaza de San Nicolás, from where this year two of the three processions that had been leaving from the Cathedral will leave, on the occasion of the closure of the temple for the Ages of Man, but also of the terraces of the corner of San Esteban, where most of the processional parades pass and the Plaza Mayor on Easter Sunday. “That day the terraces will not be able to occupy the central tray to allow the procession of the Meeting”, has clarified the mayor of the Interior.

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Changes in routes

The changes in the routes are the main novelty of this Holy Week. They affect three processions: La Borriquita on Palm Sunday, Silence on Holy Wednesday and Via Crucis on Good Friday. The first and third will leave from San Nicolás, which replaces the Cathedral as the first temple of the diocese during the closure of the seo, and the second will do so from the brother temple of Santo Domingo.

But beyond these changes, what there is among the 4,000 brothers who will procession this Holy Week are very eager to do so. After two years without processions as a result of the pandemic, “we really want to be able to take our steps back to the streets,” confirms Pedro Cordero, president of the Union of Brotherhoods of Plasencia. Reason why the eleven brotherhoods of the city, the ten integrated into the union and La Pasión, finalize their steps and routes in these days prior to the start of the celebration next Palm Sunday with La Borriquita.

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