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“The house is worse than a passage of terror”




Mario is 20 years old and a law student. He lives in Cobisa, one of the Toledo towns hit hard by the first DANA in September. On Wednesday, around three thirty in the afternoon, he recorded how the virulence of a flood destroyed the wall of his house and the water entered and flooded the family home, with two floors. “Sometimes we had to dive to get to the stairs and go up to the first floor”, tells ABC the boy, who has slept little tonight: “Suddenly, the nightmare that I was drowning would come to me and I would wake up. Then I would think, ‘Okay, it was a nightmare, but I’ve really lived through that’ “.

His 32-second video has gone viral because it conveys the anguish, desolation and helplessness of a person who can do nothing in the face of what is coming to him. «I was recording because every year the street floods. He had told a friend that he was going to record a video for him to see, because the garden collects water. But if I get to know that the wall falls and that wave enters, I would not have been recording, “he assures.

“I don’t usually get scared by anything,” he continues, “but it’s impossible not to be scared by something like that. I didn’t believe what he was saying. I have never cried for help in that way, but I had a helplessness of not being able to do anything … At that moment, I honestly don’t even know what I was doing ». However, “I am glad that it was recorded, because that way people can realize the seriousness of such a situation. Every time I see it I think that this is not real.

Mario, on the roof of his house – Video provided

«My mother has complained to the city council and had bought a pump to pour water into the street when another flood happened, but in the end the house to shit», He resigned. “One part of the wall was broken and, when we were on the first floor, the other part was broken. Now we don’t have walls. We climbed up as best we could: diving, dodging furniture … I just thought: ‘I hope the water doesn’t rise any higher, because, if we already lose the thing on the top floor, then what is left for us?’

“Now everything is full of mud and straw; huge furniture overturned and crowded together, the kitchen door cannot be opened because all the furniture is against the door, the bathroom is … The house is worse than a passage of terror»Describes the young student, who got to climb on the roof. “The water reached up to the eighth step of the ladder – approximately 140 centimeters high – and there are still bits of hail on the ground; they have not melted yet. We are cold and my toes are still not felt ».

The house, where Mario has lived since he was born with his mother and little brother, is on Calle Peña Hueca. But the house was not the only thing that the water has destroyed. Also the clinic of his mother, a veterinarian, has suffered the lash of the force of water and mud. It is on the ground floor of the house, although you enter from another street. “There are devices that cost more than 5,000 euros; the x-ray room, fuck it … everything, everything, everything, “he laments.

The downstairs bathroom
The downstairs bathroom – Photo courtesy

Take advantage of misfortune

It regrets that there are individuals who have taken advantage of the situation to take belongings from other homes that have been scattered on the street. «To see a house destroyed and to have nothing better to do than rob, right in front of our faces … I’d be screwed if someone came into the house and took away what little we have left, ”he admits. That is why the entrance door to the house that started the water, which weighed a ton, we have raised and placed to avoid it ».

“We have been slow to clean because there was a gas leak, both in the neighbor’s house and in mine, and the local police would not let us pass as a precaution”explains Mario, who is already thinking about the next steps after this flood of destruction. «I have been informing myself and the neighbors say that the insurance would not take care of the damages, but that the insurance consortium would have to be contacted. And that, in the event that a catastrophic area is declared, you could include it in your file. There has to be someone to compensate, “claims this young man, who would like to be a voice actor. A daunting situation like the one he has been experiencing since Wednesday is a terrifying bag of knowledge.

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