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The House of Carcasses will continue its international expansion in Mexico

Ismael Villalobos, this morning in Badajoz. / CASIMIRO MORENO

The company from Extremadura, based in Jaraíz de la Vera, will open its own physical stores in the Central American country

Jose M. Martin

The House of Carcasses will arrive in Mexico. The Extremaduran group will open its first stores outside the European continent in this Central American country. This has been confirmed by Ismael Villalobos, CEO of the company, this morning during his speech at the second edition of the Extremaduran family business congress held in Badajoz.

The House of Carcasses, which maintains its headquarters in the town of Jaraíz de la Vera, Cáceres, began an internationalization process in 2019, with the opening of a store in Porto (Portugal), and currently has offices in three countries: Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Last year, the company from Extremadura sold a majority stake to the ProA Capital fund for more than 100 million euros

Now, in addition to Mexico, it is also working to open its first stores in France. In the American country, it will replicate the model that it has been using until now. That is, it will not franchise. “We go live, we don’t have a franchise,” said Villalobos, who believes that the Mexican is a good market for his products. “When you are young – he is 32 years old – you are curious to try the other side of the pond,” added this businessman.

At the moment, despite having the project very advanced, Villalobos has not yet set an exact date for the landing of the Extremaduran company in Mexico. He has also not detailed how many stores he plans to set up there.

More than 100 million euros

The group from Extremadura, which sells accessories for mobile devices, currently has more than 250 stores, of which 83 are spread across Italy (56) and Portugal (27), and a workforce of over 1,600 people.

The company’s international expansion project has accelerated since the sale of a majority of the company to the ProA Capital fund. The operation, which exceeded 100 million euros, was signed last year. “We were opening stores by lung, with our own resources, but with the pandemic we had no choice,” Villalobos clarified.

Since the entry of the manager in the capital of the company, the opening of stores abroad has accelerated. In recent months, since September of last year, La Casa de las Carcasses has added 25 locations in Italy and six in Portugal. With which the total number of points of sale is already closer to 300.

the beginning

The House of Carcasses was born in 2012 in Jaraíz de la Vera. Its first facilities were located in the El Pocito industrial estate and at first it sold only online. The first physical store was opened in Madrid, specifically in the Xanadú shopping center in 2013.

The experience did not work as well as Villalobos expected, so he had to adapt his business model to the particular characteristics of face-to-face customers.

It expanded the catalog of products it offered and its sales grew to the point of seeing profitability in the opening of new offices. So until in 2019 it left the Spanish borders and in 2022 it hopes to reach the American continent.

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