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The House of Representatives approves the second impeachment of Donald Trump with the support of ten Republicans


A week before his departure from the presidency, 232 congressmen voted in favor of the impeachment for “incitement to rebellion” launched by the opposition after the assault on the Capitol

Nancy Pelosi assures that Donald Trump is a “clear and present danger”THE WORLD (Video) // EMILIO AMADE (Photo)

The United States has indirectly relived the tragedy of the Civil War that split the country in two when eleven states decided to secede to maintain slavery in 1861. The president, Donald Trump, was successfully subjected to an impeachment for “incitement to rebellion”, with 232 votes in favor and 197 against.

The resolution has obtained the favorable vote of all the Democrats of the House of Representatives -222- and the support of a dozen Republicans, among them the ‘number three’ of that party in that legislative body, Liz Cheney, against the vote against 197 conservatives.

A few minutes later, the president used the White House YouTube channel to send a message – his was recently suspended and one of his videos deleted for “risk of violence” – in which the president still makes no allusion. to impeachment and claims to condemn the assault on the Capitol. “I want to be very clear, I unequivocally condemn the violence we saw last week. Violence and vandalism have absolutely no place in our country or in our movement. “

Trump asks Americans to be “united” and does not mention “impeachment” at any point in his more than five minutes of speech. In addition, the president claims to have given “instructions to law enforcement to use all weapons at their fingertips “to ensure safety.

However, Trump believes that there isor an “unprecedented attack on freedom of expression” and that millions of Americans have been deprived of their voices after Parler, the social network of the president’s most radical followers, was deactivated. In the same way, Trump has seen how in the last hours he has run out of his YouTube channel and his account on Twitter and on the main social networks. In addition, this Tuesday, the bird’s social network suspended more than 70,000 accounts with content about the pro-Trump movement, Qanon.

The ‘impeachment’ proposes that Trump be removed and disqualified from the exercise of any public office federal or state, and also, that the pension is not granted of $ 219,000 gross per year (180,000 euros) that all former presidents receive and to which they are entitled when they leave office next Wednesday.

The legal basis, explicitly cited in the ‘impeachment article’ prepared by the Democrats, is the Article 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, approved after the Civil War, which establishes those prohibitions to secessionists who rose up against the unity of the country and caused the war conflict that has cost the most American lives in history. Thus, indirectly, the ‘impeachment’ puts Trump at the level of the leaders of the South of the country.

Impeachment vote

Despite that language, the practical consequences of the approval of the impeachment are null. When he gets to the Senate and the Senate debates it, Trump will no longer be president, so the possibility that the president will be removed will not even exist on a theoretical level. The possibility that you will lose your pension and the one million dollar (820,000 euros) annual budget for travel is also remote.

When the ‘impeachment’ is debated in the Senate, in what is known as ‘impeachment’, there will be 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats in that Chamber. And, for those decisions to be made, the favorable vote of 67 senators is necessary. That is a figure that seems unattainable, because there will not be 17 Republicans who support them. Furthermore, the Democratic senator for the state of West Virginia, Joe Manchin, could vote against.

But the fact that the ‘impeachment’ is going to remain a mere censorship of Trump does not nullify all its political weight, particularly for the Republican Party, to which Trump belongs, which is totally fractured between Trump supporters and opponents. The most obvious example was that of the Republican leader in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, who, in his speech prior to the vote, declared that “the president is responsible for the attack on Wednesday on Congress by the rebel mass and should have denounced the mob immediately when he saw what was happening” but, nevertheless, opposes ‘impeachment’ and has proposed a mere resolution of censorship to Trump and the opening of an investigation.

Something similar happened with the Republican leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, which is not opposed to ‘impeachment’ and may even vote in favor of it. However, McConnell has already confirmed that not use his powers to call an urgent meeting of the Senatewhich means that Trump will not begin discussing Trump’s impeachment until after he has ceased to be president.

To be, therefore, a fierce debate, but with certain Byzantine touches, in which the only thing that will be debated is whether the president is disqualified from occupying new positions, or running again for the White House, something that with Trump you never know but that seems unlikely, since by then he will be 78 years old and, also, the frontal rejection of most of the power groups of the Republican Party.

That is: one thing is the rejection of the Republican leaders, and another that of the base. Trump is wildly popular with his supporters, garnering nearly 75 million votes. in the November 3 election, the highest number of any president in US history. A part of these followers are violent, in the same way that their opponents, agglutinated in movements like ‘antifa’ (the short form of ‘antifascists’) or in radical sectors of Black Lives Matter, are also violent.

Militarization of Washington

That is the key to the assault on the Capitol and its five deaths. And that, too, is the key to militarization of the city of Washington, which this Wednesday woke up with 6,000 soldiers of the National Guard in its streets and a tremendous security cordon around Congress. Next Wednesday, for Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony, there will be another 15,000 ready soldiers to join that contingent in the event of disturbances in the city.

The online catering company Airbnb has prohibited its users from renting rooms or homes in the capital of the United States, and social networks have expelled or suspended Donald Trump for his calls for violence, although his supporters have gone to ultra alternative networks, such as Gab or the Telegram messaging service.

Shortly before the impeachment was voted, Trump released a statement through the White House Press Office asking his followers not to commit violent acts.. On Tuesday, however, he had declared on television, in relation to the ‘impeachment’: “Be careful what you want to happen.”

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