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The house of the dragon ‘The house of the dragon’: «Cáceres is one of the most beautiful cities in which I have shot»

Actor Fabien Frankel during his appearance in the HBO promotional video. / HBO

HBO launches a promotional video of the Spanish settings in which ‘The House of the Dragon’ has been filmed, where it gives great prominence to the capital of Cáceres

Maria Jose Torrejon

The promotion for a city for being the filming set of a blockbuster of the magnitude of ‘The house of the dragon’ is not only measured by the minutes of appearance of its streets in fiction. HBO has just released a promotional video about the locations chosen in Spain to shoot the prequel to ‘Game of Thrones’ in which Cáceres monopolizes a major role.

“It’s one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever shot in,” admits actor Fabien Frankel, who plays Ser Criston Cole, in the video, which is almost three minutes long. This actor, like the rest of the cast that passed through Cáceres, could be seen in the Plaza de San Juan, where the hotel where a large part of the team stayed, the NH Palacio de Oquendo, is located.

The actor Fabien Frankel, last fall in the Plaza de San Juan de Cáceres. /


Cáceres is also referred to by Peter Walter, manager of Fresco Film, the Malaga-based production company that works for HBO in Spain and is ultimately responsible for bringing the entire team to Cáceres. «We use the old town of Cáceres as if it were a set, but it is not. It is a real city, with people who live there, shops, businesses… », he points out. The video also highlights the involvement of the neighbors, their desire to participate as extras and their welcoming capacity.

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HBO also mentions other filming locations, such as Trujillo, the castle of Calahorra (in Granada) or Lloret de Mar. A panoramic view of Cáceres, in which the twin towers of the church of the Preciosa Sangre are perfectly identified, in San Jorge, and in the background the church of San Mateo opens this short documentary. Along it, another panoramic view of the city can be seen, this time from San Marquino, in which Cáceres appears identified as King’s Landing. That is, King’s Landing, the capital of the seven kingdoms to which Cáceres gives life as a natural setting.

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“Spain was a great setting in the original series, so we wanted to repeat it,” admits Ryan Condal, one of the heads of the series in reference to ‘Game of Thrones’, the parent series. His words are accompanied by a sequence of images shot in Cáceres during the seventh season, in the Plaza de Santa María. More images of Cáceres, this time from ‘The House of the Dragon’, dot the video.

Another of the images of Cáceres in the video. /


Second season

That ‘The house of the dragon’ has continuity implies a more than probable return of the heavy artillery of HBO to the capital of Cáceres to record new scenes in the Monumental City. As this newspaper has learned, the return of the team is practically a fact. Production work for the new season would start in February 2023 and filming in Cáceres would take place in March. These are the terms that are now on the table, although they are not official nor are they one hundred percent closed. If so, the recording would not coincide with Holy Week, which next year will be held from April 2 to 9.

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