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The House of the King has no date to start the renewal of the Crown | Spain

President Pedro Sánchez, left, greets the Kings during the National Holiday reception.
President Pedro Sánchez, left, greets the Kings during the National Holiday reception.Marshal (EFE)

In his last appearance in 2020, on December 29, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, raised expectations about a reform of the Monarchy, whose prestige has been seriously damaged by the scandals carried out by Juan Carlos I. “The King wants a Constitutional monarchy adapted to the Spain of the XXI century. Renovation, accountability, Felipe VI is working there. Let’s go step by step. They will see how the Crown renewal roadmap materializes in terms of transparency and exemplarity, ”said the Chief Executive.

In these almost 10 months, no step has been taken in this regard and this roadmap has not been revealed either. It has only been known that the Government rules out passing a Crown law, which would inevitably lead to a parliamentary debate on the form of State. This means that the measures taken will necessarily have a lower range.

The Government leaves in the hands of the Casa del Rey itself the decision on what measures to adopt and when to announce them, according to Executive sources, who do not want to give the image that Felipe VI is being pressured, and assure that, on the contrary, the King is the first interested in renovating the institution.

Sources from the Casa del Rey maintain that the study of the measures to give greater transparency to the Monarchy “has not been interrupted at any time”, and that the objective is that they have “maximum solidity and solvency from a technical and legal”. For this, not only have we had the services of the Casa del Rey itself, but we have also resorted to the advice of external experts. The cited sources do not put a date on the completion of the study and the approval of the measures.

Connoisseurs of the Casa del Rey estimate that this package of reforms will hardly see the light before the conclusion of the investigation into the assets of Juan Carlos I. The announced file of the investigations opened by the Prosecutor’s Office would be a first step for La Zarzuela to think to turn the page and start a new stage.

When Felipe VI assumed the throne in 2014, he adopted a series of measures to distance himself from the scandals of the last stage of his father’s reign: he approved a regulation on gifts that members of the Royal Family can accept and imposed a code of conduct for personnel working at the Headquarters of the State. He also published detailed information on La Zarzuela’s budget, including the salaries of the Royal Family and its senior positions.

Article 65 of the Constitution states that “the King receives a global amount from the State Budgets to support his Family and House, and distributes it freely,” so Parliament cannot impose control over these funds. But the King can accept it voluntarily: he did so when he signed an agreement with the General State Comptroller to audit the expenses of La Zarzuela, although he is not legally obliged.

In this line, according to the sources consulted, the King could advance: submitting the accounts of the Head of State to the audit of the Court of Accounts, assuming practices of the transparency law or publishing the personal assets of the members of the Royal Family and of the high positions of the House, as they already do ministers and parliamentarians.

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