Thursday, April 15

the House will probably vote on Wednesday

(CNN) — The House of Representatives is on track to carry out the final vote on Wednesday on the economic stimulus package against President Biden’s covid-19, worth US $ 1.9 trillion.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer had said they would vote Tuesday following Senate approval over the weekend. Now, however, the “most likely” vote is Wednesday, an aide to the Democratic leaders told CNN.

Another senior Democratic aide told CNN there is nothing unexpected about the delay. “It is a comprehensive and detailed bill, it takes a while to process everything,” he explained.

If the House of Representatives passes the bill as expected, Biden is expected to sign it shortly thereafter, days before the benefits contained in the December stimulus package expire.

The current package, worth about $ 2 trillion, includes stimulus checks worth up to $ 1,400 for many Americans. It also provides for the delivery of billions of dollars to states and local governments, schools and small businesses, as well as funds for the distribution of vaccines.

The details of the possible new US stimulus check 3:46

Intense day in the Senate for the approval of the economic stimulus package

These final steps in the passage of the stimulus package come after a dramatic all-night Senate session and a lobby intense between the two parties following the unexpected opposition of West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin to a deal by Democrats to increase unemployment benefits.

However, after extensive negotiation Friday night – and with a barrage of amendments to consider – Manchin finally agreed to extend the $ 300 weekly unemployment benefits until September 6. This date is, however, about a month earlier than the Democrats had predicted. The West Virginia legislator also limited a provision so that the first $ 10,200 in nontaxable benefits apply only to households earning less than $ 150,000.

‘There is no room for complacency’

Biden celebrated the approval of the economic stimulus in the Senate in remarks he made from the White House on Saturday afternoon. The president highlighted the great public support for his plan, even when no Republicans voted for it. “By approving this plan, we will have proven that this government, this democracy, can still work. It has to be done. It will improve people’s lives, “said the president.

However, while the legislation is nearing final approval, Biden’s top advisers warn officials of the White House that, looking ahead, there is no room for complacency.

A two-page memo obtained by CNN that was drafted by White House adviser Anita Dunn and National Economic Council Director Brian Deese makes clear that between implementing the bill’s provisions and the ambitious agenda With Biden, the president has no plans to rest on his laurels.

“Much remains to be done and there is no room for complacency,” officials wrote in the memo. “We are running to finalize the approval of this bill, and the president hopes to sign it and have it become law. And then the real work will begin, ”they added.

CNN’s Paul LeBlanc, Manu Raju, Ted Barrett, Phil Mattingly, and Alex Rogers contributed to this report.

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