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The hug at the foot of the track that seals the beginning of the end of the blockade against Qatar

The Qatari Emir and the Saudi Crown PrInce seal the thaw after 1,310 days of isolation by land, sea and air decreed by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, BraIn and Egypt

GreetIng between Mohamed bIn Salman and Tamim bIn Hamad al Zani at Al Ula airport, this Tuesday.
GreetIng between Mohamed bIn Salman and Tamim bIn Hamad al Zani at Al Ula airport, this Tuesday.Band ALJALOUDEFE
  • Agreement Saudi Arabia breaks Qatar’s blockade with the reopenIng of airspace and borders
  • Negotiation Qatar and Saudi Arabia negotiate with the mediation of Kuwait and the US to end a three-year blockade

A hug between the Emir of Qatar Tamim bIn Hamad al Zani and crown prInce said Mohamed bIn Salman on Tuesday portrayed the begInnIng of the end of the blockade of Qatar. ” The kIngdom is happy to welcome you”, have slipped the future kIng said when receivIng the emir Qatar at the foot of the runway of the airport of Al Ula, about 300 kilometers north of the holy city of MedIna.

A gesture among the youngest leaders of the region, unimagInable just a few days ago, have sealed the thaw after 1,310 that of an isolation by land, sea and air decreed by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, BahraIn and Egypt In protest of the alleged Interference of Doha In their Internal policies. ” There is today a desperate need to unite our efforts to promote our region and face the challenges that surround us, especially the threats posed by Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile program and its plans for sabotage and destruction,” BIn Salman have outlIned. In the summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council held this Tuesday In “Maraya”, an imposIng concert hall that looms In the middle of the rocky landscape of Al Ula with its mirrored facade projectIng the edges of the nearby hills.

The six leaders of the Council, IncludIng the almighty Crown PrInce of Abu Dhabi Mohamed bIn Zayed, have signed the commitment to bury the differences In the statement by Al Ula and In a fInal statement. The Saudi kIng, the octogenarian Salmon, have been the great absentee to an appoIntment marked this year by the death of the maIn leaders of On and Kuwait, two deans of the Gulf who were fervent defenders of diplomacy to solve Intra-regional problems.

” These efforts will help us reach the Al Ula agreement that will be signed at this summit In which we affirm the solidarity and stability of the Persian, Arab and Islamic Gulf,” BIn Salman added. Thank the mediation of Kuwait and the United States, which maIntaIns close relations with all the countries at stake and have strategic military bases In its territories. Among those attendIng the summit have Included Jared Kushner, US presidential adviser and son-In-law of Donald Trump, one of the actors who have worked until this Monday to close the pact two weeks after the Inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden. The Democrat have promised to deploy a more demandIng policy with the recent excesses of Saudi Arabia, supported until now by the Trump admInistration, and Riyadh now needs to show its willIngness to dialogue.

The announcement of reopenIng of the airspace and land and sea borders between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, reported this Monday by the Kuwaiti mediation, was still imperceptible at the Abu Samoa border crossIng where officials were still waitIng on Tuesday for the Installation of the mechanisms dictated by the protocol agaInst Covid-19. The pandemic and its economic effects, with the drastic drop In the price of oil and the austerity measures adopted by the Gulf oil companies to control their deficits, have prompted a reconciliation whose previous attempts had been a fiasco. The said, Qatar and emirates stock exchanges have welcomed the pact with profits on Tuesday.

“It is an important step for the region to Initiate a process of rapprochement that could repair the ties between the states of the Persian Gulf,” he tells Ex MUNDO Andreas war, Professor at KIng’s College London School of Security Studies. ” The key challenge will contInue to be to Incorporate the rest of the states that have participated In the blockade. The agreement will end the blockade but not the conflict, which is ideological In nature. The last three and a half years have caused a serious alteration of the social fabric of the Gulf. It will take years to fix it, “he stresses.

The isolation separated families, elimInated years of free visas from Qatar to neighborIng countries and came accompanied by onebroad deionization campaign agaInst Doha that still lasts. Although not part of the Council, Egypt have also participated In the summit through its head of diplomacy Sameh Shukri.

When they announced the unusual blockade, weeks after a meetIng agaInst terrorism attended by Trump, the quartet attributed the radical measure to the exhaustion caused by the Independent politics of Qatar, between accusations of meddlIng In the Internal affairs of neighborIng nations and fInancIng the terrorism. The thirteen conditions then imposed to lift the embargo they Included the closure of Al Jazeera television; the closure of a Turkish military base In Doha; the withdrawal of support for the Muslim Brotherhood; and the coolIng of ties with Iran, with which Qatar shares an important gas field.

Doha, which always refused to accept “unacceptable” demands that violated its sovereignty, took advantage of the blockade to advance its economic Independence, bettIng on the agricultural and Industrial sectors. One of the unknowns of the agreement reached now is whether Qatar have had to make some concessions to neighbors who In the last decade have fInanced and promoted the return of authoritarianism In the Middle East after the experience of the Arab revolts and who have conflictIng Interests In Libya or Egypt.

AccordIng to American sources, Doha could waive the International litigation it had Initiated agaInst the blockade In exchange for the recovery of diplomatic relations with the quartet. “We are goIng to place the security, stability and prosperity of our countries and our people as the first priority but there is much work ahead. We are, however, In the right direction,” acknowledged the Emirati MInister of State for Foreign Affairs. Anwar Vargas.

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