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The humiliation that José Mourinho will never forget: “It stays in my story”

José Mourinho walking in the Olympic stadium in Rome before starting a friendly match as coach of “La Loba”.


Last Thursday, José Mourinho suffered the worst humiliation in his coaching career after your team, Roma lost 1-6 against Norwegian Bodo Glimt for the UEFA Europa League, something for which the Portuguese accepted “full responsibility.”

Mourinho let it be known that he lined up an eleven with many rotations to limit the risks of injury due to the low temperature and the artificial turf, something that obviously took a high toll on him.

“The grass was artificial and it scared us all. I thought it was an opportunity for some players to rest. I was wrong. My responsibility. Unfortunately, the defeat remains in the history of Roma and there is nothing I can do about that. It also stays in my story and it is deserved ”, expressed Mourinho in the press conference prior to the game between Rome and Napoli this Sunday.

“A result of this type happens once in a lifetime. On Thursday he could even finish 7-1 or 8-1, if we had played ten more minutes. The only one responsible is me. Not the players, not the property, not (the sports director, the Portuguese) Tiago Pinto. I was the one who decided to line up a team that had a great chance of losing the game. Obviously, I did not imagine a disaster of this type, “he said.

The former Real Madrid and Chelsea manager, who signed for Roma last summer, assured that his relationship with the board is good, despite the fact that some Roman media claim otherwise in recent reports, and he sent some messages to the previous property, the American James Pallotta.

“The property spent a lot of money to solve problems caused by people who now laugh. Surely there are people who laugh with their pockets full of money, “he said, probably referring to members of the former leadership.

“When someone writes that Mourinho is not happy with the property, he cannot tell a bigger lie. Does Mourinho want more players? Yes, Mourinho is like all coaches. Mourinho wants a balanced squad, with two players per position. Yes but Mourinho has a lot of respect for Friedkin and Tiago and has decided to accept this job because he understands the situation “added.

In his return to Italian football, the Portuguese has won five games in Serie A and lost four, including the derby against Lazio, before this Sunday’s appointment against the leader Naples.

In the Europa League, Roma thrashed CSKA Sofía and Zorya, before the 1-6 humiliation suffered against Bodo.

Everything seems to indicate that despite the not so favorable results, Mourinho is sure his job as coach of Roma, at least for now.

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