Wednesday, September 28

The ‘hunger stones’ come to light: “If you see me, cry”

Summer of 2022. Europe is at a historic moment of drought, with episodes becoming more frequent and advanced in time. In the midst of this panorama, the ‘hungerstein‘ -in German, ‘hunger stones‘-.

the hunger stones they are big rocks in which they are registered dates to commemorate times of extreme drought. The oldest inscriptions date back to the 15th century and stones marked, for example, with the year 1417 are known.

The “funny” is that these rocks usually remain underwater and, when they are exposed, the citizens who see them know that something is wrong. And it is that the lack of water was synonymous with bad cropsfood shortages, price increases and hunger for the poorest. In addition, the reduction in the flow of the rivers impeded navigation and cut off trade routes.

That is why, in addition to the year of drought, it is customary to add disturbing messages to the rocks such as these: “if you see me, cry”; “Whoever saw me, she cried. Whoever sees me will cry”; “Life will flourish again once this stone is gone.”

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Recently, in the 2018, greenpeace he also placed a famine stone on the bed of the river elbewith the following inscription in German: “If you see me, the climate crisis has arrived”.

Now, one of the stones of hunger that is being seen is that of the werda damin Germany, according to the German media ‘FeiePresse’.

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