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The Hydrographic Institute of the Navy and SailGP presented the commemorative letter of the regatta




The Hydrographic Institute of the Navy presented yesterday the commemorative letter of the Rolex Spain Sail Grand Prix | Andalusia – Cádiz, the fastest flying catamaran competition in the world that will be held in the waters of the Bay of Cádiz on the weekend of October 9 and 10, in the context of the events surrounding the Fifth Centenary of the First Circumnavigation.

The event was attended by Mónica Recchia, director of the Rolex Spain Sail Grand Prix, and Miguel Ramos, local manager of the event. On behalf of the Navy, the representatives were the Captains of the Navy José Daniel González-Aller Lacalle, Commander-Director of the Hydrographic Institute of the Navy and Jorge Flethes, liaison between the Navy and the Regatta.

During the event, Mónica Recchia highlighted: “From SailGP we are delighted to have the collaboration of the Navy for the Spain Sail Grand Prix | Andalusia – Cádiz, from the first moment and efficiently, professionally and always friendly. For us it is a pride that a scientific institution of this category accompanies us on our way ”.

Specifically, he highlighted during his speech, “The important support that the Hydrographic Institute of the Navy has provided by raising a specific bathymetry of the regatta field, and publishing this precious commemorative letter of our first event in Cádiz, the first time that SailGP comes to Spain”.

“We feel very identified with the mission of the Institute, because we both have many things in common: we work with the latest technologies and with the best professionals, we are always in continuous evolution, we love the sea and we are aware that we have a high responsibility for the quantity of people around the world who follow our work “.

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The director of the Rolex Spain Sail Grand Prix event closed her speech with thanks: “From SailGP we only have words of gratitude to the Navy, to the Institute, headed by its Commander-Director, José Daniel González-Aller Lacalle, and to all the people who are making our challenge easy and pleasant, which is none other than getting Cádiz it turns out to be the best event of all those who make up the SailGP world circuit “.

In the act, the Captain José Daniel González – Aller Lacal explained that for the preparation of this chart a hydrographic survey has been carried out in the regatta fields. The Hydrographic Institute of the Navy highlighted the boats of the Malaspina and Antares hydrographic vessels, as well as the Astrolabio and Sondaleza hydrographic boats, operated with personnel from the Hydrographic Flotilla, and equipped with state-of-the-art depth sounders. All this was used in this commission, whose objective was to acquire the bathymetry of the regatta fields and thus update the cartography of the Bay of Cádiz with the most modern data. The surveys were carried out between the months of April, May and the first half of June.

After the processing of sounding data and cartographic compilation, the nautical chart 4430 Bahía de Cádiz, with a scale of 1: 12500, has been drawn up with the two regatta fields, the main one north of Cádiz, between Punta de San Felipe and the castle of San Sebastián, and the alternative to the west of the Valdelagrana beach, at the mouth of the San Pedro river.

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