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The II Local Law Forum highlights the difficulty of municipalities in applying urban sanctions

Attendees at the II Local Law Forum at the Villanueva de la Serena Conference Center. / TODAY

The meeting, held in Villanueva de la Serena, has been promoted by the Badajoz Provincial Council, in collaboration with the General Council of the Judiciary

The II Local Law Forum has closed after two days of debate in Villanueva de la Serena. The legal meeting, promoted by the Diputación de Badajoz in collaboration with the General Council of the Judiciary, has had 400 people registered.

The forum has closed after two days of dialogue and debate with a main reflection: the difficulty encountered by local councilors, as well as secretaries and auditors, in relation to the application of the sanctioning procedure in urban matters.

Issues dealt with

The system of settlements on rural land, contracting in times of crisis, the rise in the prices of materials and their legal analysis, the delegation of the exercise of municipal powers to protect urban legality and the labor reform have been some of the of the issues discussed. Other issues discussed have revolved around the new tax regime on the increase in value of urban land after the recent jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court and the use of the minor contract in the local administration.

Apply the sanctioning regime

During the course of the event, it was reported that in the coming months the regional administration plans to sign a regulatory change that will allow the smaller municipalities to delegate the sanctioning order of urban discipline to the provincial councils, which will free local councilors from small municipalities of this responsibility due to the scarcity of human and economic resources available in the local world.

The inscriptions to the forum reached four hundred and the sessions can be viewed on the Youtube Channel of the Provincial Council.

«This II Local Law Forum has become an event that has come to stay due to the good reception it has had from the local world, being the continuation of the first forum held in Badajoz, last February 2019» , indicate from the Provincial Council of Badajoz.

This is a reference appointment to deal with the complexity of the work of all local managers whose objective will result in the improvement of the provision of public services.

The forum is part of the collaboration agreement signed in Madrid, on November 12, 2021, between the General Council of the Judiciary and the Badajoz Provincial Council.


The event was closed by the deputy of the Development Area of ​​the provincial institution, Francisco Farrona Navas, the sub-delegate of the Government, Francisco Alejandro Mendoza Sánchez, the president of the Provincial Court, Luis Romualdo Hernández Díaz Ambrona, and the superior prosecutor of Extremadura , Francisco Javier Montero Juanes.

Francisco Farrona thanked the participants for their assistance, especially the members of the General Council of the Judiciary for opening up to the Badajoz Provincial Council the possibility of carrying out training actions such as those developed during the Forum, in addition to congratulating all the attendees, magistrates, mayors , secretaries, auditors, technicians of the local administration and professionals of the judicial career, for their interventions.

These training actions aim to align the policies of national, regional and local administrations with the objectives of sustainable development through collaboration and public cooperation.


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