Wednesday, January 19

The ILP Mar Menor platform delivers 639,826 signatures so that it has a legal identity

The promoters of the ILP in front of the Electoral Census Office in Madrid.

Objective more than accomplished. The promoters of the driving platform of the Popular Legislative Initiative (ILP) Mar Menor have delivered this Wednesday, at the Central Electoral Board, in Madrid, finally 639,826 signatures to support the processing of this proposal with which they want to give the lagoon its own legal identity. Once the signatures are verified, the bill will remain in the hands of Congress. As soon as the sampling is carried out and it is verified that there are 500,000 signatures, which was the minimum required, a period of six months will be given for Congress to give a response.

For Ada García, spokesperson for the commission that promotes the ILP, today’s signing ceremony “is the reward for a very hard work done for 11 months, and in conditions not prone to it; We have added 139,000 signatures above those required ”, he highlights. García admits that there have been very difficult moments. “This summer there was a downturn, and a bit of discouragement, we did the counts and we did not reach the figures we expected, but we knew that we had many sheets distributed that had not been returned to us, and they were unaccounted for,” he says.

The possible approval of this law would mark a before and after in the legal framework of environmental conservation in Europe. Ada García wanted to send a message to the parliamentary groups that will have to debate the proposal: “I would tell them not to think about the Mar Menor, they have to think in all deteriorating and damaged systems in the Spanish territory; it is a law that will favor the protection, conservation and maintenance of any environment that needs it, and that is key to our future ”. As the platform maintains, the Mar Menor would become, by virtue of the new law, “a subject of law to fulfill a non-profit social objective and in which all citizens will be able to demand in court the reparation to those responsible for the damage caused in the lagoon ”.

The platform’s spokesperson also wanted thank the support received. “Thank you very much, from the first to the last person who has signed, because without the collaboration, support, involvement, commitment of all of them would have been impossible,” he says.

The platform will remain active

In a statement, after the delivery of the signatures, the ILP Mar Menor platform maintains that “the success of this initiative conveys the feelings of citizens in the face of the Mar Menor environmental disaster.” In spite of everything, they remember that the joint work to be carried out by the administrations “is pending execution, which is why this initiative is presented as a proposal that comes from the people and that wants to lay the foundations of an environmental awareness and a protection of the environment totally new”. The platform also announces that it will continue to be active “until the protection, conservation and maintenance of the Mar Menor is consolidated in a transparent and truthful manner that takes into account all its citizens.”

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