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The images of the repression in the university of Tehran

  • Human Rights maintains that 133 people have died in Iran since the protests began

The iranian security forces have clashed this Sunday with students in an outstanding university of tehran, inform social and state media. This is the latest clash against the protests that have shaken the entire country and that ignited after the death in police custody of a young woman.

The anti-government protests, which began in the Mahsa Amini’s Funeral, 22 years old, on September 17 in the Kurdish city of Saqez, have become the biggest show of opposition Iran’s authorities in years, with many calling for an end to more than four decades of Islamic clerical rule.

The activist Twitter account 1500tasvir, which has around 160,000 followers, has posted several videos showing Sharif University, traditionally a hotbed of dissent, surrounded by dozens of riot police.

In the images, security forces were seen firing tear gas to drive students off campus and the sound of what appeared to be gunshots from a distance.


Another video showed security forces chasing dozens of students trapped in the university’s underground parking lot. The account said dozens of students had been arrested.

Iranian state media pointed to “clashes” at the university and said the country’s science minister had visited the campus to check on the situation. The Reuters agency could not independently verify the facts at the university.

Students had been protesting at numerous universities on Sunday and rallies were held in several cities including Tehran, Yazd, Kermanshah, Sanandaj, Shiraz and Mashhad, with participants chanting “independence, freedom, death to Khamenei”, as seen in social media posts. social.

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133 dead, according to Human Rights

The protests have not abated despite the mounting death toll and repression by security forces with tear gas, clubs and, in some cases, live ammunition, according to videos circulating on social media and human rights groups.

Iran Human Rights, a Norway-based group, said in a statement that “so far, 133 people have been killed across Iran,” including more than 40 people it said were killed in clashes last week in Zahedan, the capital of Iran. the southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchistan. .

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Iranian authorities have not given a death toll, but say many members of the security forces have been killed by “rioters and thugs backed by foreign enemies.” Last week, state television said 41 had been killed, including members of the security forces.

Iran’s highest authority, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has not commented on the nationwide protests, which have spread to all 31 provinces of Iran, with the participation of all strata of society, including the ethnic and religious minorities.

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