Sunday, June 26

The imaginative strategies with which mezcal producers in Mexico try to overcome the tremendous impact of the pandemic

  • Ann Deslandes
  • Business Reporter, BBC

Patricia ruiz

Image source, Patricia ruiz


Patricia Ruíz has been exploring the sales of her mezcal on the internet.

Patricia Ruíz is a producer of mezcal, the Mexican alcoholic beverage, and last year she didn’t have many reasons to toast.

In normal times, his business, Los Dioses de Agave, bottles between 1,000 and 1,500 liters of his brand La Maliciosa every four weeks.

But for more than four months in 2020, production at his distillery in the southern state of Oaxaca came to a complete halt.

“Our most frequent customers are bars across the state,” he says. But all closed by decree of the government when the coronavirus pandemic hit the country.

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