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The implementation of the blue and orange zone in Carolinas generates voices against the trade

The arrival of the blue and orange zone to streets of Carolinas Altas neighborhood counted, from the beginning, with the support from neighborhood and sector associations of the area, in addition to adding the unanimous approval of the representatives of the District Board number two. However, in the final stretch of the implementation of regulated parking, everything indicates that it will come into force as of next 1st of July (although at first without fines), the voices against of the measure. The main ones are merchants from the area, announcing an imminent campaign to collect signatures to demand that the Alicante City Council stop the initiative. They have also created groups on social networks to join, since they are not part of the neighborhood merchants association, one of the entities that supports the implementation of the blue and orange zone in the district.

JAVIER GOMARIZ, TILE MERCHANT: «I doubt that this system is going to attract people. If they have to pay, they will go to other free areas »


Specifically, it is about 350 orange squares in the streets San Pablo, Doctor Bergez, Cánovas del Castillo, Pradilla, Garbinet, Dato Iradier, Gasset and Artime, Doctor Nieto and General Polavieja and de 224 blue squares in San Mateo, San Pablo, Jaime Segarra, Dato Iradier, Doctor Nieto, General Polavieja, Amadeo de Saboya, Góngora, Foguerer, which also includes 27 half-stay places in San Pablo y Gasset and Artime.

JOSÉ GARCÍA, HAIRDRESSER: «We are going to start collecting signatures. We can get hundreds of supporters against the measure »


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In some of these streets, signs contrary to the measure are already visible, as well as in shop windows in the Alicante neighborhood. «We are going to start collect signatures. It is a measure requested by the merchants association without consulting the merchants. And the neighbors have not been asked their opinion either. We can get hundreds of signatures against it », says the hairdresser José García. In the same vein, Conchita Fernández, owner of a children’s clothing store, is shown: «I don’t see that the measure is going to have any positive effect. In this neighborhood, what is needed is an underground car park, because that does generate new spaces. The blue zone is only a collection measure ». From the hotel industry there are also opinions against that try to make themselves heard. «Who is going to come to the neighborhood for breakfast if they have to pay for parking? Maybe in a clothing store … », adds Mari Carmen Mena.

MARI CARMEN MENA, HOSTELER: «But who is going to come to the neighborhood for breakfast if they have to pay for parking? Still a clothing store … »


Nor do you see the measure that the optics are about to start Lorena Gadea: «This measure is not going to help us. If I can pay from my mobile, without having to move the car, it will only be used to collect money. I have clients who have already told me that they will go to shopping centers because they do not charge for parking. And on top of that, it is approved to remove more parking by expanding the sidewalks. The solution was parking. Similarly, the merchant Javier Gomariz defends that Carolinas is a “commercial district, but it is not the center of Alicante.” He doubts that the new parking system “is going to attract people.”

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CONCHITA FERNÁNDEZ, MERCHANT of children’s clothing: «Here we need an underground car park because it creates more spaces. This is just a collection »


These are five of the voices that have been raised against the implementation of the blue and orange zone in one of the most commercial neighborhoods of the city. They claim to be many more. The signatures will say.

LORENA GADEA, MERCHANT at an optician: «I have clients who have already told me that they will go to shopping centers because they do not charge for parking»


The measure, as they recall from the Department of Traffic and Mobility, is not an occurrence. The request comes from behind. Already in 2015, through a request to the City Council, the neighborhood association the Echo of the Plan and that of merchants Pla-Carolinas they demanded a solution to the lack of parking. The procedure was resumed in 2018 after a unanimous agreement of the District Board. After successive meetings, the bipartisan approved the implementation last March through a decree, published a month later in the Official Gazette of the Province (BOP). Everything indicates that the effective implementation will take place in July. The lines are already painted blue and orange. For now, the parking meters are missing to pay.

Information period still without complaints as of July 1

The Traffic Department of the Alicante City Council recently explained the roadmap, which started last week with the works of painted road marking of the new regulated parking areas in Carolinas Altas, as a preliminary step to the placement of the vertical signs. After subsequently installing the parking meters, the information phase without penalties. «It is expected that on July 1 an information period will begin without complaints, with a progressive implementation for its entry into force, “they added from the municipal area.

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