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The importance of finding trust in the cloud world

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If we have learned anything at ICM during these more than 15 years of service, it is that the greatest difficulty that exists in a technology company is deciding which technology to deploy and use in its clients’ projects. Even more so if you want to offer the latest news. And the truth is that we dedicate, every year, enormous amounts of time and money in laboratories that allow us to evaluate the options that are emerging, but when you sign the purchase of a new infrastructure, you always have a thought in your head «Wow, if the Shit!” It must be said that, until today, we have been accurate in our studies and the technologies used have gained the position of the standard, allowing us to enter the market with a recognized and reliable solution. Some examples of dilemmas between two tendencies:

  • iSCSI vs. Fiber Channel
  • SAN vs. NAS
  • Citrix Vs. Vmware
  • 40 Gbe Vs 40 Gb fiber

Nor is it that these were opposing or divergent technologies. Simply that, due to the requirements of the partnerships that the manufacturers demand, a medium or small company has to make a bet and move forward with it.

Since virtualization appeared, everything and that they are based on the same principles, what you learn for one environment is of no use to another. In fact, we have the feeling that manufacturers do it on purpose, trying to differentiate themselves with “things” that the other does not do. And it is almost impossible, because the eyes are always vigilant and wanting to copy the news of the rival.

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Such is the degree of evolution and divergence that the fear of making a mistake is increasing and even causes companies to become more conservative and keep one foot where “it has always worked for them”.

The best example is the Clouds. There are 3 great ways to have workloads for your business:

  • Public Cloud (Azure, AWS, Google,….)
  • Private Cloud (Nutanix, HP Greenlake or its old Simplivity…)
  • On-Premise based on manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Lenovo….

Now the magic is not so much in seeing what technology, but in how to integrate it in the best way for the requirements of your business. A business cannot take unnecessary risks and it is first necessary to apply a principle of prudence. And you will ask yourselves, how do you apply prudence in a world with so many options and so evolving? Well, from ICM’s point of view, understanding what you need and avoiding trends and hypes.

The world of technology feeds on hype, huge amounts of money are dedicated to promoting new technologies and as a good hypero, who invests, becomes a legionary of his technological commitment. If you asked me what my bet would be, I would use the “Rajoy” method: It depends. I think the best solution is to resort to consulting/integration companies, such as ICM, where the investments are very well thought out.

Our forecast for 2023 is simple: Don’t risk it. Ask several companies what they recommend and what they use. When you find someone who tells you that he uses such technology but doesn’t recommend it, marry him. The most difficult thing is to find trust. The perverted phrase “I sell advice that I don’t have” should be far from the behavior of a consultant as God (or Energy) commands.

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