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The importance of registering as a surveyor, technical architect or building engineer

Registering means great benefits for this profession.

Register, in addition to being mandatory for the exercise of the profession of rigger, architect technical O engineer from edification, is, without a doubt, indispensable. The professional who, after completing his studies, joins a membership, becomes part of a great union, of a community that will support and guide him, and to which he will also have much to contribute. You will find a meeting point at the school, a reference library and an assistant in all kinds of subjects.

The Official College of Surveyors, Technical Architects and Building Engineers of Alicante was born, more than 50 years ago, for the service of members, with the aim of working to improve the profession, maintaining its recognition of the past, and enhancing it in the present and future. The College is a great tool, which helps to improve and facilitate the work of members, through a multitude of services.

The objective is for the professional to waste as little time as possible in administrative or legal procedures, this being one of the purposes of the meeting. For this, it has advisory services in matter fiscal, labor, legal and financial at the disposal of all members, with a common purpose, that of promoting work and solving day-to-day problems in an agile way.

Well, joining school means strengthening ties, generate beneficial synergies for everyone, listening to problems, providing solutions, being cared for and helped. We firmly believe in professional union capacity, well it contributes new visions and it makes us grow as professionals and people. Therefore, we promote training, meetings and activities that allow us to meet and collaborate. In addition, we grow in participation and transparency with initiatives such as participatory budgets, which last year began with a great reception.

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A place of consultation, that is also our College. A great source of industry wisdom to contribute to improve our knowledge and skills. We have a library service with more than 12,000 volumes in which to consult any bibliography, the latest news and documentation as necessary as the UNE standards.

Carlos Casas Lucas. President of the Official College of Surveyors, Technical Architects and Building Engineers of Alicante.

Funds that are frequently renewed to always be at the forefront, as our profession is very much alive, constantly changing and evolving, and for this reason we have an extensive Training program with which to continue learning to be better professionals every day. Combining experience, support, collaboration, desire and effort, We can get it.

We are aware of the difficulties of the self-employed worker, of how expensive it is to access certain infrastructures and that is why we have the device loan service. Any collegiate can access teams with the latest technology to help them in the exercise of their profession.

We also promote and offer employment through our job boards, aimed at professionals who looking for a job and entities that require surveyors.

Membership, that step that every professional must take and that offers so much. The School it is and will always be that place to go, where to express oneself, learn and be helped. We firmly believe that it should be something more than a place to go to carry out certain tasks, we are a community that brings together work, cooperate and grow one of the oldest and most beautiful professions in the world.

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And so we work and we will continue working, defending our interests wherever we go and making the collegiate grow.

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