Thursday, November 26

The impossible unity of the Andalusian left and its prosaic rupture

The break between the leader of the Anticapitalists, Teresa Rodríguez, and IU and Podemos at the Adelante Andalucía confluence adds a new chapter after the until now leader of the alliance, Teresa Rodríguez, accuses her colleagues of expelling her from the purple formation to pave the way for a possible agreement with the PSOE and thus unseat the right of the Junta de Andalucía. He rejects that the ultimate reason for the fracture is the regional Parliament subsidy for the parliamentary group and that, as his group has the majority, Rodríguez herself managed directly.

The move to the group of those not attached, approved last week by the PSOE, PP and Vox and with the abstention of Cs, was justified by the IU in an accusation of transfuguismo, since they considered it inadmissible that Rodríguez and his seven deputies continued in the group after having withdrawn from the formation for which they obtained the seat. But as Rodríguez reported on Antena 3 on Thursday, his departure from the purple formation is after his expulsion from the parliamentary group, and only to justify this accusation of transfuguism. “I have not left Podemos, they have expelled me,” he defended himself.

To understand this stormy end, we must go back to 2018, when Podemos, IU and two other minority formations created Adelante Andalucía, an Andalusian version of United Podemos to attend the 2018 regional elections and give a ‘sorpasso’ to the PSOE, with which Rodríguez boasted that he would not agree to a government “not even dead.” They achieved 17 deputies, in such a way that the subsidy of 1.7 million euros granted by the Chamber for the parliamentary group would be distributed in 60% for the eleven deputies of Podemos (eight purple and three independent) and the remaining 40% for the six of IU.

The passage of time has shown that ideological differences were insurmountable, especially due to Rodríguez’s unsuccessful attempts to make Adelante Andalucía stop being a Podemos franchise. At the beginning of 2020 and after the agreement for a coalition government between Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias that Rodríguez publicly rejected, what they called a “friendly divorce” came.

However, Rodríguez, according to IU, has since maneuvered to gain control of Adelante Andalucía. He registered the brand as a party, and later forced the inclusion of Anticapitalistas at the confluence without the knowledge of IU and Podemos.

Bank change

The trigger that everything has been blown up, however, has been money. Despite Podemos having a new address, Rodríguez maintained control of the economic allocation. The surprise was total when discovering that weeks ago, Rodríguez, on maternity leave, requested the change to another bank without informing IU and Podemos, which ended up convincing them that the woman from Cádiz wanted to support her party with the resources of the confluence, which precipitated his expulsion.

Rodríguez denied all the accusations on Thursday. “We do not understand that interest of IU and Podemos to break” a parliamentary group “that worked well, that had consensus and peace,” he stressed. He rejected that the subsidies are the trigger for the rupture. «We have been the hammer of heretics with diets, the privileges of politicians or to reduce our salary, it is not money that has us here but the need to have an Andalusian subject with his own voice in Madrid and the need to be an alternative to a PSOE-A that has paved the way for the arrival of the right to the Government, “he settled.

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