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The imprint of Juan Diego in Extremadura through his performances

The Sevillian actor participated in the region in the filming of ‘Los Santos Inocentes’ and directed and acted at the Roman Theater in Mérida

Ruben Bonilla

Like Crémilo or like “Miss Iván”. The name of the actor Juan Diego, who died at the age of 79, will forever be linked to Extremadura. The traces of the performance of the Sevillian actor in the region start in 1983 at the Roman Theater in Mérida. Specifically, on June 25. That day “Pluto or the comedy of the poor rich” premiered at the Merida festival, in which the actor was director and actor. And he did it by innovating.

«Despite this chronological location, Juan Diego has brought to the arena of the Roman theater in Merida something that, it seems, had not yet been seen on this stage: a megaphone, with which ‘Crémilo’ addresses the spectators so that they his words jump over the volume of the music, ”this newspaper told the theater critic the next day.

Juan Diego playing “señorito Iván” in ‘Los Santos Inocentes’ /


A few months later, that same year, the actor Juan Diego returned to Extremadura to play one of the roles for which he is most remembered, “El Señorito Iván” in ‘Los Santos Inocentes’. It is one of the works of art of the seventh Spanish art. Directed by Mario Camus, Juan Diego shares the poster with Alfredo Landa, Terele Pávez and Paco Rabal. It is based on the homonymous novel published in 1981 by Miguel Delibes and was shot between the Extremaduran cities of Mérida, Zafra and Alburquerque. The film won the jury’s special mention at the Cannes Film Festival in 1984 and the actors Alfredo Landa and Paco Rabal shared the award for best male performance.

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The Sevillian actor returned to the Mérida Festival in 1995 in the play ‘Hipólito’ /


Juan Diego would return to Extremadura years later to premiere ‘Hipólito’ on July 12, 1995. He did it again at the Mérida Festival but this time only as an actor and under the orders of director Emilio Hernández. The Sevillian was at the Roman Theater in Mérida accompanied by Miguel Molina and María Asquerino.

In ‘The seventh day’ the actor Juan Diego gave life to one of the Izquiero brothers. /


The last connection of the interpreter with the region dates back to 2004 and is due to the film ‘The seventh day’, directed by Carlos Saura and inspired by one of the saddest episodes of the black chronicle in Extremadura: the Puerto Hurraco massacre of 1990 Juan Diego gave life to one of the Izquierdo brothers. The feature film had a script by Ray Loriga. The film was not shot in Extremadura due to the opposition of the mayor of Puerto Hurraco, including the anger of the then president of the Junta de Extremadura Juan Carlos Rodríguez Ibarra, and was recorded in towns in Segovia.


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