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The inauguration of the new mayor makes the changes in the Alcoy government team effective

The new mayor, applauded by the government team, and the resigned Miguel Juan Reig (left). | JUANI RUZ

The session was extremely brief, as it lasted only three minutes., the just so that the secretary read the point, Jordi Segura and the mayor took office, Toni French, welcome you. Despite this, it was attended by all the members of the corporation, as well as the already exedil Miguel Juan Reig. The The resignation of the former councilor for Health and Sports, as he reached retirement age, has led to the entry of Segura, but this has not been the only reason to remodel the government team. In fact, it has been the incorporation as secretary of the City Council of Muro of the until now number two of Toni Francés, Lorena Zamorano, which has led to a substantial change.

As this newspaper already published, Zamorano’s new professional commitment prevented him from continuing to carry out the tasks assigned to him, among which the Department of Urban Planning stood out. That area will be assumed by Jordi Martínez, who becomes the new strongman of the Toni Francés team, by adding those functions to those of Councilor for Works and Services, Sustainable Mobility, Universal Accessibility and Regional Policies. In addition, it should be remembered, he becomes deputy mayor. Since 2012, this name had not been used for the first mayoral tenure, when the pact between the PSOE and the Bloc was broken and the person who held that position, Rafel Carbonell, left the government.

Jordi Segura will assume, for his part, a new council with the areas of Innovation, Industry and Business Activities and Digital Society, and that fits his profile as a professor at the UPV campus, where he has been director of the Degree in Engineering until now Mechanics, among other responsibilities. Once a full member of the municipal corporation, the mayoral decree with the redistribution of functions in the government team must be imminent, thus putting an end to a certain sense of interim that has occurred in the last month. Thus, those responsible for various areas continued to be, on paper, people who had already announced that they would stop showing off, or even abandon local politics, in the case of Miguel Juan Reig.

After the inauguration of Segura, the mayor wished in his brief speech “good luck and many successes” to the new councilor in this new stage. Toni Francés pointed out that “we have had to govern in a difficult time”, in a more than likely allusion to the context of the coronavirus pandemic, but at the same time “exciting” from a management point of view. For this reason, he predicted that for the mayor it will be “a great opportunity to grow, learn, work and be able to serve this great city that is Alcoy.” One of the images left by the very brief plenary session was that of Segura being congratulated by Reig, who has made it possible with his resignation for the UPV professor to become part of the government team.

A remodeling expected for almost two months

The changes that are materializing now in the Alcoy government team had been expected for almost two months. The delay in the deadlines set by law has contributed to lengthening the “impasse”, since Reig’s resignation did not become effective until the ordinary plenary session earlier this month. However, the official announcement of his departure was on May 21, and it was not until a week later that the mayor clarified how the powers would be reassigned. In addition, the remodeling seemed clear since it emerged that Lorena Zamorano was going to become secretary of the City Council of Muro, in April. The mayor, number two on the PSOE list in the 2019 elections, will continue to be in charge of the areas of Tourism, Historical Heritage and Contracting, in addition to being the second deputy mayor.

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