Sunday, June 26

The incidence of covid in the Community has been falling for nine consecutive days

Regarding the daily update of cases, the Ministry of Health has notified in the last hours 744 new coronavirus infections in the province of Alicante of the 1,629 detected in the whole of the Valencian Community. In this sense, the province exceeds the figures for the province of Valencia, which registered 727 coronavirus infections this Wednesday.

In addition, eight deaths have been registered in the last seven days, two of them in the province, so the total number of deaths since the start of the pandemic stands at 7,554 in the Valencian Community: 817 in the province of Castellón, 2,873 in Alicante and 3,864 in Valencia.

The province of Alicante has also experienced a slight drop in incidence, which stands at 520 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. This slight drop in the rate does not mean leaving the area of ​​extreme risk for coronavirus, located at 250 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The province continues to double the number. By departments, the General Hospital of Alicante is the one with the highest incidence in the entire province, 703 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by the Marina Baixa, with 637 and by Sant Joan, with 596. So far, the Dénia area, which was the one that registered the highest rate in recent weeks, falls from 720 to 587.

In Elda, infections also continued to increase and went from a rate of 520 to 589, with 1,117 cases compared to 987 on Friday. Other areas are below average. In Orihuela the rate was 470, which represents a slight increase after the 426 on Friday and with 790 active cases (74 more than on Friday). In the Elx-Crevillent area, the rate was at 370.25, (a slight increase since Friday, when the figure was 329 while in Alcoy it is 371, a slight decrease compared to 385 on Friday. The lowest continues to be in Torrevieja, with 329 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and a total of 111 new active cases.

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On the other hand, hospital pressure drops slightly and at the moment 205 people are admitted to public hospitals in the province, one person less than the day before. The number of patients requiring admission to the Intensive Care Units rises in one patient, 28. In the whole of the Valencian Community there are 616 people admitted, 107 of them in the ICU.

The province also concentrates two of the three outbreaks of more than ten people registered in the last hours. Specifically, these are two outbreaks that have their origin in meetings of family and friends in the city of Alicante, with 20 infected, and in Orihuela, with ten cases. According to the data recorded, there are currently 21,818 active cases, which represents 4.41% of the total positives.

The Ministry of Health also published data on vaccination activity in Spain yesterday. In the Valencian Community, 78.5% of the population has at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine and 66.7% have already received the full regimen. These figures are below the national average, where 80.4% of the population has received a dose and 68.8% is already fully immunized.

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