Thursday, June 30

The incidence of covid in the province falls 66 points in the last week

In this way, the forecasts of the experts are fulfilled, which pointed out that the fifth wave peaked a week ago to go down throughout the month of August and to be at the end of summer in the environment of 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Despite this relief in the rate of infections, Alicante is the province of the Valencian Community that currently has a higher incidence of covid. In Valencia the contagion rate stands at 358 cases and in Castellón at 401. Six of the ten health departments in the province are at the fore in terms of cumulative incidence, especially in tourist areas. Alicante General Hospital is the one with the highest incidence, with 715 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by La Vila with 642 and Sant Joan, with 606.


The coronavirus vaccine has made the panorama turn 180 degrees and that despite this high number of diagnoses, there are hardly any serious cases of covid. Proof of this is the saturation level of the hospitals. At this time, all Intensive Care Units in the province are at low or medium risk, according to the classification made by the Ministry of Health. There are even hospitals whose ICUs are in a situation of a new normal, the lowest in the classification. This is the case of the hospitals of Dénia, Elche and Vinalopó, because they hardly have patients admitted with covid. The General Hospital of Alicante is the one with the highest occupancy rate (admitted per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days), with 2.90.

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On the hospital floors, the same situation. All public centers in the province are in a situation of new normality or low risk due to the low proportion of covid patients admitted. The General Hospital of Elche is the one with the most pressure, with an admission rate (hospitalized per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days) of 17.95.

Another proof that the fifth wave is remitting in the province is the Rt, which calculates the number of secondary cases generated by each contagion. A figure less than 1 indicates that the pandemic is under control. In no health department in the province is this figure exceeded. Worse is the indicator that refers to the traceability of the virus, that is, in what proportion of cases, it is known where the contagion has occurred. If it falls below 50%, the risk of out of control of the virus is high. The departments of Dénia, La Vila, Sant Joan, General Hospital of Alicante and Torrevieja are in this situation.

Positive tests

The percentage of covid tests that come out positive also remains high in several health departments. Except for the General Hospital of Elche and Torrevieja, they are in a situation of extreme risk, since more than 15% of coronavirus tests are positive.

Since last Tuesday’s update, 1,860 new cases of coronavirus have been diagnosed in the province of the 4,186 that have been diagnosed in the whole of the Valencian Community. 73 towns in Alicante have added new cases, compared to 57 that have not had new infections. The towns with the most new positives are Alicante and Elche, with 457 and 160 infected respectively since Tuesday.

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In the whole of the Valencian Community the incidence this Friday was 387 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. This is the lowest figure in Spain, only behind Asturias, and represents a reduction of 400 cases for the first time since the middle of last July.

Spain reaches 70% of vaccinated and the Community touches that figure

68% of the population in the Valencian Community already has the complete schedule of the coronavirus vaccine. In Spain, 70% immunization has already been achieved, the figure that was initially set to achieve group protection. However, the Delta variant has caused this percentage to rise to at least 85%, which is why the entire population over 12 years of age has yet to be vaccinated to be able to speak of adequate protection. Next week Health will open vaccination to kids between 12 and 16 years old and in parallel it has started a massive recapture campaign through SMS messages so that 400,000 people who have not attended the appointment to get vaccinated are immunized.

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