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The Incorpora program of the «la Caixa» Foundation has provided 2,075 new jobs for vulnerable people

The Incorpora program acts as a bridge between companies and social entities.

The Incorpora program acts as a bridge between companies and social entities.

The Incorpora program for labor integration of the «la Caixa» Foundation has provided 2,075 jobs in the Valencian Community people in vulnerable situations in 2020, 3% more than the previous year. This has been possible thanks to the collaboration of 633 local companies in this social responsibility project.

Of the 2,075 insertions made During the past year through Incorpora, 1,143 have been women and 932, men. In addition, 494 of the insertions have been of people with some disability, and 1,581 of people at risk or situation of exclusion.

In a year in which the expansion of the coronavirus has forced multiple sectors to stop their activity, the program has adapted to the new needs such as those arising in the social or agricultural sector, cleaning or commerce, building bridges with companies and offering training actions that will prepare job seekers for essential jobs.

The initiative involves 21 local social entities dedicated to the labor integration of groups in vulnerable situations.

«The enormous effort made by the Incorpora network of entities to adapt to the circumstances has borne fruit, enabling the employment of people at risk of exclusion, who have become essential, and responding to the new social and labor needs», Says the president of the «La Caixa» Foundation, Isidro Fainé.

The Incorpora program, launched in 2006, offers companies a free advisory and support service to facilitate the incorporation of people with disability or vulnerable, like young people in risk of exclusion, victims of gender violence, long-term unemployed and former prisoners, among others, which in turn reinforces the social responsibility of these companies.

Incorpora aims for people to be agents of their own change to get out of difficult situations and it does so through employment as a form of social insertion. To do this, it builds bridges between companies and close to 21 social entities that develop the program in the Valencian Community and with which the «la Caixa» Foundation has just renewed the collaboration agreement for the fifteenth consecutive year. The entities are:

In Alicante: El Cerezo de Villena Association, COCEMFE Alicante; La Merced Migrations Foundation, Nova Feina Alacant Foundation, Novaterra Alcoy Foundation, Alicante Red Cross and Alicante Gypsy Secretariat (these last two entities renew their agreement at the state level). In 2020, all of them intensified their work to respond to the new needs that emerged. The network of 60 program technicians in the Valencian Community, which offers personalized attention and continuous monitoring of participants, continued to provide comprehensive support to users, before, during and after their hiring.

An Incorpora beneficiary works in his office.

Among the tasks performed by the technicians of labor insertion It includes the prospecting of companies, the monitoring of the training process of the beneficiary, the labor accompaniment of the inserted people, the solution of possible conflicts that may arise in the framework of the employment relationship and the fostering the collaboration of new companies in the program.

Also, since 2016 Incorporates carries out a line of self-employment thanks to which people in risk of social exclusion They are participating in a new way of integrating into the labor market.

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