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The independence movement redirects the negotiation of the investiture to avoid other elections in Catalonia | Catalonia

The Junts negotiator, Francesc de Dalmases, in the corridors of the Parlament, this Wednesday
The Junts negotiator, Francesc de Dalmases, in the corridors of the Parlament, this WednesdayToni Albir / EFE

The CUP has led this Wednesday a three-way meeting, with ERC and Junts, with the aim of unblocking the negotiations for the investiture in Catalonia and thus avoid electoral repetition. The three parties have issued a statement in which they set four “minimum” points to unravel the situation, although the pact remains distant. The last one, very open to interpretation, establishes the will of all parties to establish a “space for debate on the independence strategy” beyond the negotiations to form an Executive in Catalonia. The positions faced between the current partners of the Government regarding how to address the future of secessionism blocks the implementation of the Executive. The communiqué also establishes the “unequivocal commitment to carry out the exercise of self-determination and amnesty.”

The meeting ended shortly after two in the afternoon and the representatives of the three formations wanted to clarify their harmony with a joint photo walking through the corridors of Parliament. The initial proposal of the anti-capitalists was that the pact of the independence strategy be removed from the negotiation to form the Government. This would be addressed once the Executive is in operation. Both ERC and Junts have managed to qualify those terms with a wording that redirects the situation, but does not imply that both renounce their intentions: the Republicans advocate a single Government while Junts wants to continue negotiating a global agreement.

CUP sources explain that the will to promote the meeting was to lower the current pressure between the partners of the Government, after the distance between the parties became very evident on Tuesday afternoon. The agreement allows the negotiations to be redirected, but the possibility of an agreement is still far away and there is still a lot of work pending. If there is no Executive before the 26th, the elections will be repeated automatically. ERC and Junts assure that they do not want to repeat elections, but they accuse each other of flirting with that possibility.

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The meeting proposal, which CUP deputy Carles Riera had launched during an interview in Catalunya Ràdio this same Wednesday, it consisted of four points, the same ones that, except for the qualification of the reference to the independence coordination, have been maintained. No further details have been elaborated, which suggests that negotiations will continue. Junts wants the coordination of the independence movement to fall to the Council of the Republic while ERC believes that this implies that the leadership of Aragonès is protected from Belgium.

The Republicans slammed the negotiations on Saturday, when they announced that they were leaving the table that they were working in a coalition government with the Junts to explore a one-color Executive. Those from Puigdemont had raised the possibility of supporting him if ERC agreed with the CUP and En Comú Podem, but later they declined. Although different opinions coexist within Junts about how the negotiations are being carried out and there are criticisms for not having already closed an agreement, the idea of ​​”giving away” the votes to Aragonès so that he can govern alone (although leaving the door open to enter the Executive) generates outrage.

The anti-capitalists also want the new Catalan government to push forward with an agenda to “give an answer to the social and economic crisis”; establish a “wall for the defense of fundamental and basic rights that have broad support from Catalan society and that do not fit within the framework of the State” and that after the investiture the creation of the National Agreement for Self-determination is launched , a table that “goes beyond political parties and brings together the broad social majority of the country in favor” of an independence referendum.

On the other hand, the Assemblea Nacional Catalana (ANC) announced this afternoon, at a press conference at the door of the Parliament, a rally next Sunday to pressure the parties to close an agreement. Elisenda Paluzie, the president of the entity, has revealed that the ANC has held discreet meetings with both the Junts and ERC to try to overcome the obstacles posed by the independence roadmap. “But although it seemed that we were making progress and all those involved were making assignments, everything was broken between ERC and Junts a few days ago. We do not understand it and a good part of the independence base is perplexed, disappointed and angry. Citizens deserve an explanation ”, said Paluzie.


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