Friday, June 24

the indigenous movement maintains its protests

  • The Government calls for dialogue but the indigenous movement demands that the state of exception that has caused three deaths be lifted

The Ecuadorian political crisis does not have the expected truce. President William Lasso has agreed to sit down to dialogue with the indigenous movement that, for 11 days, has been mobilized in Quito and other parts of the country. As the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie) demands that the state of exception be repealed and the Government refuses to do so for the moment, everything remains the same or worse, because the protest spreads like shortages and the fear of an outcome that endangers the institutional framework.

“Lasso out,” thousands of people shouted again in the capital. Hugo tear gas and bullfights before each police action. “There will be a government in clinical death, with less than 20% support. If Lasso had some responsibility and patriotic love, he would put his position under consideration with article 148 of the Constitution. Since he is not going to do it, we will have to collect signatures to recall“, said from his Belgian exile the former president Rafael Correa, hoping to be heard by his supporters in the legislature.

The president of Congress, Virgilio Saquicela, was forced to respond: “we we believe in the rule of law, we believe in democracy and we are democrats, we start from the fact that the President of the Republic is the product of that popular vote and therefore he must fulfill his mandate, we have no doubt about that; at least in the National Assembly no other scenario or possibility has been considered.” Saquicela acknowledged, however, that there is a “social upheaval” and there has been “no capacity for dialogue between the parties in conflict” to find a consensual solution to the crisis.

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“Us we do not come to kill, We are not here to wound people,” said Leonidas Iza, leader of Conaie, after a third death was reported as a result of police action. “Our demands should not be confused with a political act of destabilization.”

The Conaie’s list of demands is at the programmatic antipodes of a right-wing government like Lasso’s, in office for 13 months. On the one hand, they demand that the price of fuel be reduced, which, as in 2019, lit the fuse of the protests. In turn, state support is required for farmers, peasants, transporters, fishermen, economic relief measures for more than four million families and the possibility of renegotiating the debts that a large part of the population has with public, private and public banks. cooperatives. But, in addition, the Conaie requests “fair prices“for products such as milk, rice, bananas, onions, fertilizers, potatoes, corn, and tomatoes. They vehemently oppose Ecuador signing free trade agreements that affect national production and that the Government advance its policy mining and oil company for the damage it causes to the environment.

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Lasso, who has contracted covid-19 in the midst of the crisis, has listened in Quito timid saucepans supportive of his position. The main newspapers in the country have turned in favor of the Government. “Dialogue is something absolutely necessary at this time in the country, to end the national strike that notably harms the majority of Ecuadorians who want to overcome the economic and social crisis,” said the capital’s newspaper Trade. The publication asked Conaie to make concessions to “safeguard the lives of Ecuadorians” and preserve the economy.

For its part, The universe, from Guayaquil, called on Conaie to echo the offer of 300 civil society organizations that have offered to give the conditions to carry out the dialogue. Leonidas Iza’s response, he added, “has been to insist on meeting the demands of his movement and ignore the effects caused to the 17 million citizens, who need peace of mind to live, study, work and contribute to the development of Ecuador, what should recover from the pandemic and the tail end of Russia’s armed invasion of Ukraine“.

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